Necessary Roughness winter shows, Dani is hot for Nico (VIDEO)

USA just released some video of the Necessary Roughness five-episode winter season that begins Wednesday January 23, 2013. Are you on Team Nico or Team Matt?

Necessary Roughness concluded its usual summer season with Dr. Dani Santino (played by Golden Globe nominee Callie Thorne) getting a tad physical with hot and steamy Nico.

The two were relieved to know that her IRS debt was wiped out by the now deceased owner of the N.Y. Hawks Marshall Pittman. He also did the right thing and didn't use the wiretap tapes of Santino's patients while they spilled their guts to her.

For some reason however, Dani is experiencing professional travail with her counseling practice and once again the Hawks are plunged into uncertainty.

This time it's Pittman's young daughter who is in control and everyone on the team is under review.

While that could threaten Dr. Santino's way of life, it's her love life that is more compelling

The tug of war within her is back. Will it be Matt or Nico?

Oh yes, Matt (played with gusto by Marc Blucas) is NOT out of the picture. In the sneak peek video just released by USA, Dr. Dani has taken to her own shrink's office to explain her problem.

"I'm caught between the man I love and the man I'm dangerously attracted to."

We should all have such problems, right?

The issue with keeping Matt in the picture harkens back to last season's attempt at being a couple, with one partner with grown children and another waiting to have some of his own.

As for Nico (with Scott Cohen smoldering on screen), the problems with giving in to a man she hardly knows but lusts for are too many to enumerate.

Then there is the infamous Terence King who will be dealing with his sobriety "one day at a time". Will the ownership tumult only serve to weaken his resolve?

Still lurking is the unfinished storyline of Dani's teen son AJ who was pulled over by the cops with a marijuana plant in the car. Oops.

USA announced guest stars for the mini-season.

Mark Cuban makes a special guest appearance as himself, stepping in as a potential buyer for the Hawks.  Additional guest stars include former NFL quarterback Joe Theismann, Will Chase (“Smash”), Peter MacNichol (“Grey’s Anatomy,” “Numb3rs”), Jeff Nordling (“Body of Proof”) and Neil Hopkins (“Lost”.).

Are there more Matt fans out there or Nico fans? The comment section is now open.

For more video clips, check this out. For those that didn't get into the Nico Files last summer, the site is still up and Nico is still holding court. For Nico fans it is a must.


Submitted by wolf_rocks (not verified) on
There's nothing to think about, Dr. D. Nico is the right man for you! Team Nico FTW!

Submitted by Logan (not verified) on
Nico fan here! Matt and Dani want completely different things. Not to mention that Matt comes off as a manchild. After Ray, Dani needs someone she can trust who acts like a grown-up.

I totally agree on the man-child observation and Nico is certainly more experienced and adult, but......there is that danger factor always lurking. LOL

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Dr Dani so needs to come to her senses and realize Nico is the man for her!!!!

Remember him dating Marshall Pittman's wife? Did that end completely or is his heart not completely settled on Dr. Dani?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am sure he is over her because he refused to compromise himself for her. He is also the one to tell Marshall about the affair.

Submitted by LaurieKingdom (not verified) on
Matt blew his chance. Nico and Dani are one, yes he has a past he cannot talk about, but he completely trusts Dani and it may take awhile (a few more Seasons) but they will always be in each others life. They complete each other, they are the total support system for the Hawks and each other.

Submitted by staceygirl (not verified) on

Submitted by staceygirl (not verified) on
Matt is totally immature. Dani needs a real man and that is certainly Nico (who's definitely over Gabrielle, by the way).

Submitted by Dani (not verified) on
Nico is definitely the guy for her. Nico is always there when she needs him and they just connect. I can't get enough of these two! And if anyone has seen Gilmore Girls that Scott had been on before they'll understand this. Matt is Max (which was Scott's character lol) and Nico is Luke. He'll be the one that sticks around for the long haul. DaNico forever! :)

Submitted by KGW (not verified) on
DaNico is the real relationship! Nico is a real man! He is confident, intelligent, wise, and always there when you need him. Plus, he takes care of business! He knows who he is and what he wants. Matt is still enjoying playing the field. Dani trusts Nico....He trusts her. Enough said!

Submitted by KGW (not verified) on
DaNico is the real relationship! Nico is a real man! He is confident, intelligent, wise, and always there when you need him. Plus, he takes care of business! He knows who he is and what he wants. Matt is still enjoying playing the field. Dani trusts Nico....He trusts her. Enough said!

Submitted by Heather (not verified) on
No contest, can't wait to see more Dani and Nico!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Team Nico all the way!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Team Nico all the way!! Matt is boring.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Team Nico all the way!! Matt is boring.

Last season during the relationship between Dani and Matt readers who commented were so supportive of the couple, even suggesting Dani consider having another baby for him. Now, the general consensus is Nico's the one. I agree but I'd love to know why you chose him. One reader say*s Matt is boring. Anything else?

Submitted by ayumu (not verified) on
when you see dani and nico talking you see the mutual respect and admiration that just isn't there with matt and dani. dani kinda dislikes nicos sneakiness but also acknowledges (and kind of admires) his cleverness and ability to solve problems. nico finds danis persistence both annoying (because he guards his past) and admirable (because it shows her strength). he is sometimes in awe of how she can solve issues that he (the "fixer") can't. there's also a kind of trust (in nicos case more of an "i wont always tell you the truth but i'll never lie to you"). you see sides to dani that only nico can bring out (her unfiltered personality) and sides to nico that he only shows to dani (his weaker side). matt really seems disrespectful or indifferent to danis problems and thoughts (not purposefully). matt also tends to be very moody (wich i personally dislike). matt tends to do more taking in his relationship with dani than he does giving (sex aside). nico does more giving making him and dani more equal in the relationship. |i respect that you have an opinion. please respect that i have one also and know the world will not end if we disagree about fictional characters|

Submitted by Jen (not verified) on
1) Matt is selfish and Nico is selfless. He told Dani he was okay not having kids, when really he wasn't because he wanted to marry her and assumed she'd change her mind. He had to be forced to stand up to the GM on the TK issue. He sold TK out to the press to advance his career.He sleep with the reporter and blew Dani off in her time od need. He has the nerve to harass Dani about her feelings for Nico. Nico on the other hand is constantly sacraficing to help people and do what's right. He's risked his job to help Juliette, he gave up a woman he loved for his friend, he broke into TK's apartment to save him from himself, and he bugged Marshall's phone to protect the team and Marshall. He gives Dani space to sort out her feelings about him. 2) Matt and Dani are not in sync, but Nico and Dani are. Matt and Dani are out of synce on the kids issue, TK's drug problem, and a general attutide on lost causes. Nico and Dani fight to help TK and Juliette, Matt writes them off. Matt also doesn't pick up on Dani's mood the way Nico does. After the drug test TK passed, it was Nico, not Matt that could tell something was wrong. Matt also missed how strange Dani's been acting, when even TK picked up on it. When Nico finds Dani crying over her fish, he gets why without needing an explaination. 3) Nico is ALWAYS there with Dani's kids, with TK, with the tapes, while Matt sometimes falls short.