'The Newsroom' medical marijuana meets Osama bin Laden

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The Newsroom gave viewers an idea of what happens behind the scenes when a momentous news event is about to occur and its news anchor is high as a kite.

During last night's episode "5/1" viewers of The Newsroom learned that news anchor Will McAvoy doesn't just smoke cigarettes, he also gets medical marijuana under the table,

The Aaron Sorkin helmed HBO drama put characters in situations that made it difficult to prepare and deal with an announcement from the White House that was to come in 90 minutes.

Don and Sloan were stuck on an airport runway in a plane that couldn't get to its gate for one of the usual reasons given these days.

Will, Charlie, MacKenzie and the unofficial couple of Maggie and Jim were at a party at Will's place to celebrate News Night 2.0's one-year anniversary.

Will McAvoy revealed that he is in constant pain from an old sports injury, enough that he decided to have accept a gift of marijuana-laced baked goods. He promptly ate four times the recommended portion and mixed it with Vicodin.

The character of McAvoy has been under attack by tabloid news for every minute detail of his personal and profession life.

Viewers of The Newsroom have come to realize that Will is not as stable and stoic as we thought, in the early going of the HBO series.

In last week's episode we saw him go to a shrink for sleep meds and end up learning about his depression, anxiety and emotional needs, agreeing to regular therapy. Read: Will goes to Tiffany and a shrink.

This week we watched as he didn't put two and two together to get four, by risking his job and reputation for brownies that got him slap-happy high.

Surely he won't be able to report the news.story all speculated was about Osama bin Laden or Muammar Gaddfi. Oh how wrong could we be.

As we watched the News Night team spring into action to get to the studio and seek confirmation of what was about to be announced, Will escaped from his bodyguard. They were stuck in Manhattan gridlock and in his state of euphoria Will McAvoy, millionaire news anchor decided to run the 20 or so blocks to the office.

MacKenzie debated his readiness to be on the air but decided to go for it. Charlie Skinner wasn't told Will was "baked" as he proudly proclaimed to others. Skinner was fielding a call from a deep background source about the company's illegal wiretapping that helped produce the tabloid headlines about McAvoy and MacKenzie McHale.

In video clips of coming episodes we saw how the looming disaster for Will, MacKenzie and News Night plays out and it wasn't good.

Aaron Sorkin got to tweak Fox News and Geraldo Rivera at one point. We saw a sparkling nugget of real video during which Geraldo proclaimed that the news was about Gaddfi, while Charlie made his team wait for two reliable sources to confirm that Osama bin Laden was killed.

With only three shows left in the first season of The Newsroom, the clash between corporate suits and News Night becomes an all out war. Stay tuned.

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Sorkin fan or not, it’s hard not to partake in the emotions that episode seven stirs up. Even my Dish officemate, an avid Republican and Sorkin-hater, admitted to loving the show, just this once. I would recommend everyone to check it out! Now that I think about it, it is available to view immediately on DishOnline.com, on top of a bunch of other shows (most don’t require a subscription to watch), so it sounds like my lunch plans are set! I can’t wait to see the new story covered in next week’s episode!

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