Nicki Minaj a red carpet disaster, say Fashion Police

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Nicki Minaj never disappoints when it comes to what some kindly call her eclectic red carpet choices. During this weekend's Fashion Police on E!, Joan Rivers and the gang called her names.

The weekly gabfest and catty fashion critique session began as always with the Fashion Police Must See Looks of the Week.

All regulars were in attendance, including Giuliana Rancic, who has stopped extending her least for now, Kelly Osbourne who has made her lavender hair a regular thing, stylist George Kotsiopoulos and of course the Queen of Mean, Joan Rivers

Osbourne who is looking very svelte these days announced that she is featured in the new issue of Glamour magazine. Joan was very proud.

Nicki Minaj was in good company this week as others who were skewered by the E! fashionistas included usually impeccable Cate Blanchette in an shapeless three-color gown at a premiere for The Hobbit.

Even Victoria Beckham, usually a fashion A-lister got slammed a bit for her choice of a dress that wasn't designed by her.

Then there was designer Stella McCartney who wore a strapless, black, ankle-length jumpsuit with a crotch that hung to her knees. Need I say more? Joan said, "She looks like a bad tooth."

Minaj took the cake however in a dress that the usually tolerant George K could give only a left-handed compliment. Link to full length photo of Nicki in the dress.

In fact. Kotsiopoulos said that Nicki looked like she was wearing something that combined the worst of Marie Antoinette and The Nutcracker --- and he meant it in a good way.

The gown had a three-tier lower half with flounces on each.

Each tier was a different multicolor pattern that you might find on a character in Disneyland or on a patchwork quilt. Nicki was all dressed up for the launch of her new fragrance Pink Friday. Her hair added more volume to the whole look with a platinum curly do.

Joan began the proceedings with this: "This thing is crazy and look what it's wearing."

Kelly Osbourne who is unflaggingly supportive of fashion forward thinking had this to say, "I think she's gone too far with the puffy thing. She almost looks like she should be on top of a toilet roll."

Osbourne pointed out what looked like a forced smile on Nicki's face which she presumed was about the bad fashion choice.

Giuliana Rancic savaged the choice and reinforced Kelly's comment about Minaj being uncomfortable when photographed in the gown. "Even she knows it. She's not even buying it. She's even thinking, 'This is so terrible I'm gonna be on Fashion Police. "

What are your thoughts on the unusual fashion choice?

Fashion Police airs Friday nights at 10:00 p.m ET on E! Image: Wikimedia Commons/Eva Rinaldi Nicki Minaj in Australia 2012 hawking new fragrance


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How dare Kelly Osbourne criticise Nic, all anyone has to do is google kelly osbournes name and that is a fashion disaster right there.. The woman is famous for being famous. Like what has she done that has earned her the right to criticise real celebrities. And Joan Rivers is a pensioner so I will keep my opinions on her to myself. Rant over!

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