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Paul McCartney's new single to drop Feb. 7

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Paul McCartney is in the news for a repeat collaboration with Stevie Wonder. Their single is ready to drop next week, entitled Only Our Hearts, from his new album Kisses From the Bottom.

Sir Paul went back in the studio after 30 years with Stevie Wonder, reported the UK Telegraph. Although their duet "Ebony and Ivory" was not as well received by music critics, it hit #1 on the charts on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

Recorded in Los Angeles in recent months, Only Our Hearts is described by McCartney as a pre-World War II melody. He told media that "We had this song, 'Only Our Hearts' which is very ‘'30s to '40s genre, that I’d written on purpose to be in that style," he said.

The addition of Stevie Wonder on the cut from his new album, Kisses on the Bottom grew out of a suggestion by Macca's record producer.

As for Kisses On the Bottom itself, it will be McCarney's fifteenth solo outing and is expected to debut on Feb. 7. Only days later on Feb. 10, McCartney is scheduled to perform in Los Angeles at the 2012 Grammy Awards show.

In addition to the duet with Wonder, Sir Pau does a number with old friend and master guitarist, Eric Clapton on a cut called My Valentine. In announcing the upcoming new song collection, McCartney said he believed it was a very personal album, containing American music favorites of his from prior to the rock n' roll era.

They are known as "standards" that are considered timeless compositions that many of the greatest singing artists of the 20th century covered. Paul said that he and former partner John Lennon admired the structure of the songs as well as their lyrics.

McCartney told UK's Guardian that he wanted to do numbers like this with the Beatles, but never found the time prior to the group's split.

In more personal news, McCartney's wife, New York businesswoman Nancy Shevell is reported to have given notice to fellow board members of the Metropolitan Transit Authority (MTA) that she is leaving her position.

Shevell told media that it was a very emotional day for her and that she considers her work with the MTA to be her career highlight.

Shevell and McCartney were wed in October 2011, he for the third time and she for the second. At the time, Shevell said that she and Paul expected to maintain their residences in New York but their primary residence would be in England.

It seemed only a matter of time before the new Mrs. McCartney would sever ties with the MTA and that time has arrived.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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