Paula Deen shocker: sure bestseller canceled by Ballantine Books

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Paula Deen's upcoming book, scheduled for an autumn release date has pre-orders on that will make it a best seller once it hits stores. Today, publisher Ballantine canceled it.

Paula Deen's New Testament: 250 Favorite Recipes All Lightened Up is a huge hit four months prior to publication.

Nonetheless, Ballantine Books issued a terse statement today announcing that they would not be publishing the cookbook.

It's one thing for huge chain retailers like Target, Wal-Mart, The Home Depot and others to cease ordering her kitchen and cooking products.They can absorb whatever loss in revenue by taking another line of celebrity branded merchandise. Links to Paula Deen updates posted below.

It's another for a sure bestseller to be turned down by the publisher mere months prior to its release date. It's money already in hand with pre-orders after what had to be a sizable advance to Paula Deen.

Deen is not a first time author. She has dozens of books listed on Amazon written alone or with her family. She is a known commodity to a publisher.

Amazon lists Paula Deen's New Testament as a #1 bestseller right now and it's not surprising.

Using her new found zeal for healthy recipes that don't exacerbate her diabetes, Deen's book would reinterpret the original ingredients list in her recipes to suit her new reality for millions of others who suffer from Type 2 Diabetes.

What does it say when drug maker Novo Nordisk doesn't want her repping their diabetes medication? With the number of patients using meds to help keep their diabetes under control, Novo Nordisk thinks Deen could hurt their brand.

The decision by Ballantine to sever ties with the seemingly radioactive cooking personality may be the last straw for fans of Deen and others who wonder what she would have to do to stem the tide.

Paula Deen has been silent publicly since her mea culpa appearance on TODAY earlier this week. In that tearful interview she asked for forgiveness and once again made attempts to put her statements in some sort of context.

It hasn't kept a slew of her sponsors and business partners from walking away from her and contracts in place.

The latest to drop the bomb are Sears and JC Penney, two other national retailers, but ones that haven't had the easiest time of it recently in maintaining customers.

When do we ask ourselves if Paula Deen truly deserves to lose what some analysts believe is half her business revenue.

MSN Money reported one crisis manager's analysis of this rapidly worsening situation.

"She will never be whole again," said Howard Bragman, vice chairman of "You just can't say it's a one-time hit of $3 (million) or $4 million dollars, I think it's much more than that. I think its tens of millions of dollars when you look at it over time."

Martha Stewart did time in jail for manipulating the insider trading laws on stock sales that netted her a nice chunk of change, yet Stewart was able to weather the storm and come back post-incarceration.

She was quoted as expressing sadness for Paula Deen and after this latest news, why not?

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