Paula Deen wins one, but lost more

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Paula Deen saw a judge agree with her position in a discrimination lawsuit, when he ruled that the plaintiff provided no proof.

Paula Deen was vindicated but problems are still ahead for her brother Bubba Hiers.

A judge blew the discrimination claims in the lawsuit out of the water, but allowed sexual harassment charges to proceed against Hiers. Deen co-owns Uncle Bubba's Seafood and Oyster House which was managed by Hiers.

Deen finally won something in a summer full of loss for the former Food Network star. Her answers to questions about racial discrimination, posed by the plaintiff's lawyer set off a firestorm when Deen admitted using a racial slur at times in her past.

The list of the ways Paula Deen was taken apart when the testimony came to light is mind boggling. Deen is no longer:

  • A Food Network employee
  • Associated with her book publisher
  • Supplying kitchen products to Wal-Mart.
  • A spokesman for Smithfield Farms
  • The poster child for drug company Novo Nordisk
  • In business with Caesar's Entertainment

The empire crumbled and it crumbled fast. Deen made matters worse when she refused to honor a scheduled appearance on NBC's TODAY show in the early stages of the firestorm. Paula Deen discovered that you never disappoint Matt Lauer as he took some of the time that would have been spent on the interview to thrash her for the cancellation as well as her admission that she used the "N" word.

Deen added insult to injury when she continued to profess ignorance about why everyone was all worked up. After all, the "N" word is used copiously by black people when referring to people of their own race, why is it unacceptable when a white person uses it?

She was schooled on the difference and after firing her PR team and management, Paula Deen provided a full mea culpa. It came too late for the contracts she lost, but no one ever lost money by betting on a second-chance life in today's America. Stay tuned.

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