'Pawn Stars' Rick finds a Steve McQueen machine

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Pawn Stars was new last night and Rick Harrison found his version of the Holy Grail. A collector came in with an authentic 1968 Mustang GT like the iconic auto driven by Steve McQueen in the film "Bullitt".

The Pawn Stars were back in their places behind the counter of in the office of the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop.

The Old Man was as sarcastic as ever and Chumlee as sweet and clueless as he always is.

But it was the younger Harrison, Corey that seems to have gotten a bit more chesty than we have been used to, particularly when he came to slamming his father Rick about his Steve McQueen fetish.

Reminding Rick that he has been burned before when he thinks he's gotten something he can tie to Steve McQueen, Big Hoss just happened to be wrong this time.

The auto was confirmed as authentic by the Pawn Stars auto expert, Danny Koker, nicknamed The Count. He's gotten so much play on the show that History has put him into his own reality television program that debuted last night, entitled Counting Cars.

It was the car chase from the movie that cemented the GT's coolness factor and McQueen as the man among men.

Believed to be one of if not the best car chase scenes of the 20th century, it took place on the winding and hilly streets of San Francisco and it reportedly took three weeks to shoot it.

Rick called the '68 Mustang GT, "the coolest car ever made," and he would not be deterred by the fact that the seller's auto didn't run. Corey thought he father was nuts.

The seller began his bidding at $20,000, thinking he'd take no less than $10,000. The condition of the car, aside from the fact that it didn't run was ugly. "Surface rust" as the seller called it covered the body and the red velvet interior (really) was torn up.

When Danny Koker got a look at it, he was as enthusiastic as Rick. "Goodness gracious, a Steve McQueen machine," he said as he set eyes on it.

Danny identified what the seller thought was rust as the remains of a chemical stripping agent, leaving the metal intact. He called the body solid and noticed all the original touches that were emblazoned with the "GT" on it, including the gas cap.

Koker's estimate of its worth as it existed at the moment was $12,-$15,000 and acknowledged it would be a bit of a challenge to restore, but he relished the possibility. Rick finally offered $12,500 and sealed the deal. He got his McQueen machine after all.

One of the other unique items evaluated on last night's show was a wireless radio/telegraph machine introduced during World War II. It was the first of its kind and might have been used by intelligence officers.

The seller said he'd take no less than $150 at the outset of the negotiations. After all was said and done, he settled for $110. Since it was left to him by his grandfather, he made a tidy profit.

History Channel airs new episodes of Pawn Stars on Monday nights at 10:00 p.m., with replays throughout the week. Image: Wikipedia/OSX.

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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Rick wrongly stated the car had a 351, that engine didn't come out until 1969. The car has nothing to do with Steve McQueen or the movie Bullitt. They made thousands of them.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
You are spot on. Danny - "the car expert" knows NOTHING!! The "Bullitt" car was a GT Mustang with a 390 engine - NOT a 5.0 liter 302. And not just ANY 390 ( a stone of an engine stock) but a breathed on, hopped up engine to keep up with the 440 Charger , and if you listen to the movie, about an 18 speed transmission there are so many "shifts". I laughed all the way through this episode - Rick got taken big time, knows nothing, though blowhard that he is thinks he knows everything, and I was thrilled to see it. Karma baby - for all the rip offs of people you do daily.

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