Royal Pains' Hank gets ready for romance during secret mission

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In the Royal Pains episode "Fools Russian" Hank discovers that while on a secret mission with Boris, he doesn't have to go without major flirting and the promise of much more to come.

Dr. Hank Lawson is in heaven, when in reality he is in Manhattan tagging along with Boris in the latest episode of Royal Pains.

Leaving behind his business in the Hamptons, HankMed and his diligent brother and corporate CFO Evan, Hank is helping Boris nail down a deal with a Russian businessman.

Along for the series of meetings and social engagements is Boris' beautiful translator who takes a shine to Hank almost immediately. The feeling was clearly mutual but for Hank business has to come first. Jill is clearly in the past for Hank, although it was very difficult to say goodbye.

The Russian businessman, Dimitry is suffering from an illness that becomes obvious to Hank during their first encounter. Rather than Boris having physical problems, it is Dimitry who is at the heart of Royal Pains' medical case of the week.

If Dimitry isn't well enough to perform his part of the bargain he has made with Boris, the deal won't get done and Hank is just the person to make sure that all goes smoothly. It was the purpose of the whisking Hank away from his home and friends.

Because Hank agreed to be out of communication with the rest of the world while he was with Boris, there is no contact between him and his brother Evan or physician's assistant Divya but a lot is transpiring in his absence.

Divya's father wakes up from his unconscious state and the two take the long rode towards reconciliation. At least one thing was made clear, Divya had no reason to feel guilty that her father tried to kill himself. She discovered that he tumbled into the pool from a bedroom balcony. If they can come back together is it long before Divya's mother returns from London?

Over at HankMed, the usual Jeremiah social disorder problems are giving Evan fits. When he thinks that Dr. Sacani's less than cheery tone caused a patient to terminate the relationship with HankMed he is stunned and none too happy.

The truth is that it was Evan himself that turned off the wealthy tech whiz, who just happens to be a childhood friend of fiancee' Paige. No matter how rich you are, a discount sounds inviting and when one wasn't given after Evan was asked, it was not appreciated.

"How do you think they stay rich,?" Paige asks Evan as she points out his blunder.

Back in Manhattan, a late night poker game leads to a late night drink in the suite as the translator and Hank engage in a heck of a long kiss. But it is Hank that puts the breaks on a trip to her room, telling her, "I want to get to know you better," before love making takes place. It was only recently that Hank showed he was ready to jump back into the dating pool, with the encounter between him and the beautiful doctor he met. Read: Is Hank ready for love again?

Boris, ever the facilitator has that all planned as well. After Dimitry is treated for his blood disorder the group gets ready to jump in the helicopter to move the ongoing business discussions to another location. Hank is pleasantly surprised to see the beautiful brunette translator with a packed bag, ready to go.

In sneak peek scenes from next week's show, fans see Hank ask the obvious question of Boris. Is his translator along as a fix-up for poor love starved Hank? I don't think he cares and neither should we.

Royal Pains airs new episodes Wednesday nights on USA Network at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Wikipedia

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