Royal Pains, Rafa injured in bed with Divya

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The latest Royal Pains episode was tied up with stories about couples, both romantic and otherwise. In "Hurts Like a Mother", Dr. Sacani got the unenviable chore of treating Divya's lover Rafa.

With only two shows left in the season for USA's Royal Pains, the intrigue seemed to have faded with fans left to watch the personal growth of major characters within their love relationships.

However, in the final scene of "Hurts Like a Mother", Paige's adoption story got a jolt. Just as we thought this episode closed the door on it --- it didn't.

The most interesting romance in Royal Pains is centered around the socially awkward but evolving Dr. Jeremiah Sacani. He is awakening to the ways of love with HankMed colleague Divya.

In daydream sequences where he has backbone and is able to say what he wants, Sacani diagnosed Divya's boyfriend Rafa with an incurable disease, only to cure it and win Divya's affection.

When he was jolted back to reality, Jeremiah realized he still has to sit and watch the woman he is crazy about cuddle up to another man, who he knows he'll never come close to.

Not only is Rafa handsome and a professional athlete, he happens to be thoughtful, romantic and is giving Divya the closeness and intensity she has never experienced in a romantic relationship.

When Rafa's arm became painful and periodically numb he sought Sacani out for treatment. It was in the midst of a lavish dinner party thrown by Divya at Sacani's equally lavish home.

It was determined that Rafa's arm condition resulted from Divya sleeping on it for nights on end. Yikes, talk about having a picture painted in your mind that repels you. Somehow Sacani carried on.

In other couple news, Hank and the pediatrician are so far into their new affair they are comfortable taking risks. What risks you ask?

How about making love in a parked car while trying out positions found in a best-selling romance novel. Speaking of that novel, the author and her daughter were the medical case of the week.

Their mother-daughter tension resonated with Paige. She was still tender about the news that she was adopted and her parents keeping it from her all these years.

Paige became involved in the treatment of the intellectual daughter who feels disconnected from her flirty mother. As their relationship healed, Paige decided to end her estrangement with her own family.

Evan was once again shown as a helpful and supportive spouse-to-be. Despite that he seemed uneasy when his advice from Hank about how to help Paige cope was to do nothing and just wait.

Has anyone else started to wonder when a wedding date is going to be set?

It is something that has been hanging over the scripts of Royal Pains. The program tends to like to wrap things up pretty quickly and this seems to be an exception.

Could there be a hint that Paige will go to school, move into Manhattan and decide that the wedding must be put on hold?

How does her birth mother showing up affect that, if it does at all?

The comments section is open for your opinions.

Read news from all this season's episodes of Royal Pains here at HULIQ. The final two episodes of the program will be broadcast on USA, Thursday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: Wikimedia

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