Ryan Braun anger nets food, merchandise for Brewers fans

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The Milwaukee Brewers of MLB are offering food vouchers to fans who come to the stadium in the wake of the Ryan Braun suspension and PED's scandal.

Comfort food at the ballpark?

It seems that the Milwaukee Brewers are trying to soothe anger and hurt incurred by the club's slugger and superstar Ryan Braun's suspension for the rest of the 2013 baseball season, by offering food and merchandise vouchers to fans.

The Wisconsin news site Madison.com reported today:

"In what the team says could be a first in pro sports, every person attending any of the 12 games in August at Miller Park will get a $10 voucher, good for concessions, merchandise and game tickets.

The "Fans First" promotion is expected to cost more than $3.6 million, based on average game attendance of over 30,000."

Braun was suspended a week ago after a lengthy investigation by Major League Baseball into activities engaged in by Ryan Braun that link him to Biogenesis, a Florida clinic that distributes illegal and banned substances to athletes and private citizens.

It was a bit more than one year ago that Braun stood in front of microphones and cameras to vouch for his clean living to his fans who heard he had come up positive during routine drug testing in MLB.

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel's columnist Tom Hardcourt says that fans want answers.

"But the public, including his once-adoring fans in Milwaukee, still demands that Braun answer these three questions when he finally steps to a microphone:
Why? When? What? The "why" question baffles Brewer Nation because by all appearances Braun is an extremely talented player."

Ryan Braun is not hanging around to field those questions. He has quickly fled the scene and is keeping his head down until he can return for spring training 2014.

Many baseball analysts, former players and fans are up in arms about the way Braun will just slip back into baseball to earn what has been reported as up to $120 million during the term of his current contract. It is estimated that his suspension without pay adds up to $3.6 million, a hefty sum for most folks, but a pittance of what he'll continue to make in his baseball career.

Here are some of the menu choices at Miller Park, home stadium of the Brewers:

  • Carved smoked turkey sandwiches
  • Bacon sloppy Joe
  • Buffalo chicken sandwich
  • Brisket-smothered bacon dog
  • Deep-fried cheesecake
  • Buffalo chicken mac and cheese

Comfort food indeed.

Image: Google Images/Flickr