Santa has last laugh on Sheldon in The Big Bang Theory

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Dr. Sheldon Cooper finally got in touch with Christmases past and Santa took the brunt of his anger as The Big Bang Theory celebrated the holiday with some Dungeons & Dragons.

Who else besides the writers of The Big Bang Theory would have thought to use a holiday themed Dungeons & Dragons session to stand in for a therapy visit?

The object of the game that night was to rescue Santa after getting past a labyrinth of challenges.

Sheldon's aversion to all things Christmas dated back to early childhood after his grandfather died.

In a moment of introspection we rarely see, Dr. Cooper told his assembled nerd pals that he asked Santa to return his grandfather to him.

When he wasn't under the tree on the morning of December 25th, Santa became persona non grata and Christmas traditions were scorned.

When given the chance to rescue Santa as the last man standing in the game, Sheldon let him die. Yes, die.

Sheldon knew he was way off base when he had a nightmare in which Santa gets his revenge and it was harsh.

The sight of him singing all four verses of "Good king Wenceslas" was one to behold.

Quick note to Jim Parsons fans: tune into The Dan Patrick radio show, also simulcast on television, on Monday morning when Parsons drops in to talk sports with Dan and the gang. Link to the show's site posted below.

Meanwhile, the guys who were deep into the game missed out on being with their ladies, who decided to use the night to strut their stuff in party clothes and high heels.

Everyone except Amy of course who did her best approximation of the look --- you know like a different sweater and barrette in her hair.

Raj's lack of a lady love has gotten to the point where the girls decided to help him out.

When he got knocked out of the game early, he trailed along with them and inadvertently bonded with Amy.

They bonded over their rejections by the opposite sex. So much so that Raj came to find her attractive.

In a twist, Amy was happy about Raj's attraction because it made her feel good to be able to reject him.

Once again we didn't hear a thing about the "I love you" hanging in the air between Penny and Leonard. When the heck will the show deal with this?

Aren't we deserving of knowing where the relationship is going? Your thoughts please.

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Link to The Dan Patrick show website, here.


Submitted by Holly1528 (not verified) on
I completely agree. I loved this episode, but I felt like we should have heard more about Penny and Leonard. I hope they go into that when the show resumes in January. I probably won’t be able to catch those episodes live because I work a lot of overtime at DISH in January, but I’ll catch them on my DVR. Big Bang Theory is already set to auto-record on my DISH Hopper along with the other big four primetime network shows using PrimeTime Anytime, so I won’t even have to worry about setting a timer. And hopefully we won’t have to wait too long to find out what’s going to happen with Penny and Leonard.

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