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Shark Cam running ahead of 'Shark Week' on Discovery (VIDEO FEED)

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In anticipation of Shark Week, Discovery Channel has put up Shark Cam, live streaming video of sharks (and many other marine animals) in the "Ocean Voyager" exhibit at Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta, Ga.

Shark Cam will be live throughout July and August 2012, daily from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. ET, care of Discovery's partnership with UStream. It is the third year in a row for Shark Cam but in honor of Shark Week's 25th anniversary, it's been taken to a new level.

Discovery announced, "Using state-of-the-art, 360º video cam technology, you can now personalize your very own Shark Cam experience by simply clicking and dragging to change your view."

In a piece on the Discovery site by Jason Robey, TC Conway, Director of Innovative Marketing for Discovery Channel, commented about the new features.

"360 has had it’s challenges,” said TC, “because no one’s ever done this before, and for so long. There are 11 cameras built into the housing, and because we’re running them 24/7, they tend to get pretty hot. Luckily, the water is around 73ºF and the cam is at the bottom of the tank, which helps keep it cool. And the cam isn’t very big — about the size of a grapefruit.”

Shark Week begins Sunday night August 12 at 9:00 p.m. ET with the first of eight shark special programs. Some folks featured last year will be returning to share new adventures, such as shark expert Chris Fallows and legendary natural history producer Jeff Kurr.

In "Air Jaws Apocalypse" the men are on a quest to learn more about the great white sharks of Seal Island, South Africa - and one shark in particular, Colossus.

In another special presentation, a Stanford University research team, led by Dr. Barbara Block, sets out to tag the great whites of the Farallons off the coast of California in "Great White Highway". Dr. Block's participation is part of what Discovery calls a "groundbreaking partnership with the network".

Get ready for "Sharkzilla" as fans witness the resurrection of the largest shark ever to swim in our oceans and test out its chomping capabilities with MythBusters' Kari, Grant and Tory.

Another presentation from MythBusters is Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman's "Jawsome Shark Special". They count down their top 25 shark myths of all time and reveal the #1 myth that will literally blow people away.

What would a 25th anniversary special be without exciting scenes culled from the previous 24 years? Fans get to relive some of their favorite moments during "Shark Week's 25 Best Bites."

Until then, enjoy Shark Cam. If it looks a bit dark once in a while it's because a shark has gone right over the top of the camera, Conway explained in the Discovery blog. “They’re so big that they ‘black out the sun,’ so to speak.” For more on Discovery Channel programming, hit up their website, here. Image: Discovery Channel Shark Week Wikipedia

Streaming video by Ustream

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