Snooki goes corporate, 'Couture' line on HSN

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Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi has joined the many celebrities who peddle their branded merchandise on Home Shopping Network (HSN). She made her debut last week.

Snooki debuted a lipstick line through KA' OIR Cosmetics with a color called Snookilicious in August. It was just a taste of what we can now buy with Snooki's name on it

Last week, the full Snooki line debuted on HSN.and if you ever wanted any one of the over-the-top goodies that Ms. Polizzi sports on her reality television shows, Jersey Shore and Snooki & JWoWW you can now get them. For a sneak peek of the Couture line, watch the short video below.

Snookii appeared live on HSN during a long appearance to see if she could sell out the in-stock items. She did a heck of a job.

She is a great spokesperson for her own products. She wears them, creates them and understands that the audience is not turned off by the wild animal stripes and enough pink to stock a baby store for a year.

The center of the collection debuted last week is her wild-striped tote bag in pink and black. Inside she packed it with Couture line samples of her cologne,

Even Crocodilly has gotten into the Snooki line of products.

There is a 28 inch version and the full on 48 inch stuff animal for you to take on trips, sleep with or just take along in the pink and black striped tote.

Don't you love those crazy big puffy slippers Polizzi wears on the reality shows?

You can have them too and in a variety of colors and styles. There are the animal print slippers and the oversize sneaker-like slippers studded in sequins.

Want the view Snooki gets from the large sunglasses she puts on? Wish no more because there are three choices for those that are interested.

The Five-OH aviators, the Spida' lace black pair and the pink-rim Rock Candy shades are yours all for the low, low price of $29.95.

The Snooki Couture fragrance is separate and apart from just plain old Snooki Eau de Parfum.

Here's how HSN describes the product "Playful, flirty, sweet and sexy, the Snooki namesake fragrance is inspired by Nicole Polizzi's favorite treats."

For those that prefer a spray bottle, you can have it plus some charms."Even the eye-catching, neon green perfume bottle with its bold pink and black zebra-striped label captures the true essence of Nicole Polizzi. She includes 2 signature silvertone charms from her heart to yours."

Snooki has become an adult and fast. Her pregnancy and decision to get engaged to baby daddy Jioinni changed her role on this season's Jersey Shore.

No longer the partying meatball she used to be, Polizzi abstained from drinking and got plenty of rest when she moved to a different house to keep away from the noise and insanity that comes with being a roommate to Pauly, The Situation and all the rest.

Now we have the corporate Snooki who just in time for Christmas has bestowed on her fans plenty of ways to keep her close to them at all times.

Link to full Snooki line at HSN, here. Image: Snooki Facebook page, HSN. Watch Snooki on Jersey Shore, aired on MTV Thursday nights at 10:00 p.m.

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