'Snooki & JWoww', Jenni henpecks Roger

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The girls have moved into their apartment in Jersey City. Their boyfriends showed up to celebrate JWoww's birthday when an argument broke out between Jenni and boyfriend Roger.

Snooki & JWoww went through the motions in last night's episode "What Did I Get Myself Into?" as Snooki broke the news to her parents that she had already signed a lease without a discussion with them, and JWoww did the same with boyfriend Roger Mathews.

Why the show's creative team thought we needed to see the charade is anyone's guess but Snooki's parents played along. When Dad asked his diminutive and pregnant daughter Nicole what kind of heat the apartment had, he got the blank stare one expected from a girl who doesn't pay attention to those kinds of details.

While this is playing out a viewer couldn't help but wonder why Nicole Polizzi's mother can't afford to get a better hair colorist. Are those gray roots? Can't be, can it?

JWoww and boyfriend Roger had the same discussion as last week about how to handle her moving into a single girls' place for a final wild ride. Is he allowed to party with his pals and look for another girlfriend while Jenni is gone?

We were treated to Jenni getting driving lessons using a stick shift and Roger complaining about their love life and the lack of intimacy of the physical kind. Roger's fear that it will only get worse is given no respect by Jenni who seems genuinely uninterested in sleeping with her boyfriend.

What kind of guy puts up with that? Even Snooki started to question how pal JWoww treats Roger as the action moved to the new apartment and a big discussion about bachelor parties.

Snooki's fiance' Jionni and Roger have a decent relationship and share the same woes since their respective ladies are difficult to pin down and to please, but there is one big difference.

Snooki told Roger that she would never put up a stink about Jionni attending a bachelor party in Vegas because he'd break up with her if she did. That left BFF Jenni hanging in the breeze as the one girl in the room who complained about hypothetical horseplay presumed to go on at celebrations of that type.

"Jenni is a psycho girlfriend," Nicole Pollizi told viewers in one of those spots in the show when the girls are in the sit down interviews.

Maybe it was to be expected that Snookie had her fill with her pal, because unlike what Jenni said to her face, Jenni is very leery of moving in with a pregnant woman. "I don't know how pregnant chicks act," she said to the camera. "It's not my thing." Yet she expressed none of those reservations to Snooki while continuing to express concern about having signed the lease in haste.

Snooki didn't have any alcohol as the boys unpacked some snacks and drinks to celebrate Jenni's birthday, it's anyone's guess if she will be able to avoid the temptation as the show moves along and JWoww engages in her last hurrah which is bound to include partying at bars.

Snooki & JWoww airs new episodes on Thursday night at 10:00 p.m. on MTV with replays aired throughout the week.

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