Snooki & JWoww season premiere, Jionni objects to partying

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Snooki is a loving new mom. JWoww has settled in to an engagement with Roger and the ladies are more concerned about family and career issues than getting drunk.

The season two premiere of MTV's Snooki & JWoww airs tonight and while we will get to go through the latter stages of Nicole Polizzi's pregnancy with her, we know how it all turns out.

When we last left Jenni "JWoww" Farley she had made up with Roger but things hadn't progressed to the point of an engagement ring. We know how that turns out too.

The change in Snooki has been fast and furious. Her Twitter and Facebook pages are full of baby pictures and plugs for her latest corporate endeavors.

A look at the photo posted along with this story is a giveaway as to how Ms. Polizzi has changed her focus. It was posted on the Snooki & JWoww Facebook page.

The ladies hosted the MTV New Year's Eve coverage and are back in action with their Jersey Shore spinoff show tonight and every Tuesday on MTV.

In the sneak peek video posted below, we can see that Jionni will have a lot to say about how Snooki entertains herself.

She went out for the evening and resumed dancing and drinking at a club. Jionni did not approve and guess what?

He calmly told his fiancee' and mother of his little boy that he isn't inclined to get married if she behaves that way. Oops!

Please also take notice of her clothing. Conservative yet stylish is the way to describe it and why not? The girl's got an accessories and fashion fragrance line. Can a full clothing line be far away?

With her appearances on Home Shopping Network (HSN0 to plug her Couture line and online chats for her Keyshia Ka'Oir cosmetics like her Snookilicious lipstick, Nicole Polizzi is building quite a nest egg for her future Check out the Couture line, here.

Jenni and Nicole lasted through the tough pregnancy of season one on Snooki & JWoww, the rest should be easier, right? Not sure about that actually.

Takeaway message: Love is a power for change, if a person allows it. Snooki loves a man from a good family who isn't a celebrity or an entertainer. She loves him for the right reasons. He is good to her and their baby. He wants to get married to a woman, not a party girl. It looks like Nicole Polizzi is ready to make that jump.

MTV airs new episodes of Snooki & JWoww on Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. Image: Nicole Polizzi and son Lorenzo, c/o Snooki & JWoww Facebook

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