Snooki's second baby shower, real Jersey affair

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Snooki & JWoww's season two premiere entitled "New Beginnings" featured a baby shower that was as different from the one at the Jersey Shore as one could be.

Yet another baby shower for Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi was the centerpiece of Snooki & JWoww new season's opener.

This was not the small and relatively inexpensive affair that Jennie "JWoww" Farley staged at the shore with help from the other roommates.

Jenni and the ladies hung the decorations by themselves in the back room of a local eatery and the vibe was AWKWARD.

Pauly D summed it up. "This is the only baby shower where two guys have to apologize to the baby daddy for banging the fiancee' " Read about that, here.

Last night's super fancy shower with 100+ in attendance (including roomies Sammi and Deena) was a typical upscale NY/NJ affair. Everyone schlepped north to Central Valley, NY to the Falkirk Golf Club where Jionni and his boys would get 18 holes of golf in while the ladies ate, drank and opened gifts.

The swanky country club's party room was dolled up with everything from linen napkins to a professional bar set up with bartenders.

It seemed intimidating to the the mother-to-be.

It began when Nicole pulled her SUV up to the door for valet parking. "I hate valet, 'cause I feel like rich people do it."

The party room had been decorated prior to Jenni arriving and it was a good thing. She had a rough night after an MMA watching party.

"It's so classy. Too classy " Snooki said to her father as they surveyed the room, while the camera gave us a close up of the beautifully printed place cards. "We need some animal print in this b#@ch," she added.

Why Polizzi believes she isn't worthy of stepping up to that kind of a party is something she'll have to deal with. In the meantime, when things got down to the real point of the shower, she wasn't unhappy about the embarrassment of riches she received.

Anyone who has been to any kind of shower, whether wedding or baby oriented, knows that the highlight of the affair is opening the gifts. The more attendees, the longer it takes.

Why? The best answer is tradition. Each gift is opened along with the card that accompanies it. It is described by the guest of honor, held up by the lady who sits next to her and a public thank you is made.

With more than 100 guests this took seemingly forever. So much so that BFF Jenni beat it out of there to take a golf cart ride around the course.

It's mind numbing and it is then that you realize the open bar is a girl's best friend.

Luckily for viewers, no one got sloppy or even close to it, but there was one person who got sick. That would be Jionni.

He was feeling so bad that he left his golf game and sat in his car, hoping to get better. He didn't and was taken to a hospital. Next week, Nicole will be in one as we finally get to see the birth of little Lorenzo, who is four months old already.

Takeaway message:
Traditions are important in the course of family life. They tie the generations together to celebrate events that signal new life, a new marriage and religious holidays. While Snooki may have dreaded the fancy party, she soon realized the importance of it and got comfortable.

New episodes of Snooki & JWoww's second season air on MTV Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Snooki & JWoww/MTV

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