Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, Kim and Dwight ready to hook up?

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Kim got down to business last night with a trip to N.Y. and guess who was there? Start-Ups resident binge drinker Dwight took a break from coding Carsabi and joined her.

Bravo's Start-Ups Silicon Valley spent time with Kim Taylor as she went to N.Y.'s fashion district to seek advice from start up entrepreneurs, and introduce herself and her concept to people in the industry.

While we've been through the venture capital search game with Ben and Hermione and the incubator phase with David, we had yet to see how one goes from being employed to starting a company from scratch.

Kim and Dwight are pals who click socially and intellectually, but Dwight has made it crystal clear that he would love to take it further.

Carsabi had just launched its next iteration and it was a perfect time to let loose a bit.

We've seen Dwight take time from his coding mode to hit a party or a club and pound down the liquor while being the social spark wherever he is.

It's not that he doesn't admit that he overdoes it, but last night we heard him say that he suffers from some level of social anxiety which he keeps at bay with booze.

He also admitted that he is terribly insecure with the ladies. Kim is an exception.

And why not? Taylor is beautiful, smart, funny and is business driven like Dwight.

We watched as Kim met with fashion business entrepreneurs who just got a third round of funding. They spoke candidly about how they survived until they scored the last round.

Kim gulped a bit with what faces her. She left her income behind and will need to hire people to start working on her vision called Shonova. Taylor describes it as a social-meets-shopping advice site that sets up the ladies with situational fashion choices.

For Dwight, the trip was totally social and he began with a visit to a friend who launched the site Grouper.

He got the full Grouper treatment and became a part of a party of six, three women and three men, who met to mingle and see if anything developed.

Dwight invited Kim to join him and when she arrived one of the other guys in the group took a liking to her, flirting up a storm.

Dwight felt pangs of envy that did not go unnoticed by Kim. "I think Dwight might be a little bit jealous. When I start dating someone it might be really difficult. He's used to having me all to himself." Ah...yeah Kim.

He took that moment to announce his impending move to her neighborhood in San Francisco and made it plain that there would be a lot of phoning for social activity,

It was at that moment we saw some hesitation from Kim. They are at different stages of their business development. When Dwight had months on end of coding in his little apartment Kim had a job and regular hours.

The tables have turned, although Kim is no coder. Update: In October Facebook announced it had hired Dwight and his Carsabi partner, making the site available for sale. Checkout video posted below

Would this be a good or bad thing if Kim and Dwight escalated the relationship? Can he deal with something really casual with her that allows her to freelance?

Is she ready to change a good friendship into something more complicated as she gets down to business? What do you think?

The other stars engaged in their own activity spread around the Kim and Dwight story. Sarah found a breast lump and after a trip to a doctor in L.A. discovered it was benign.

Ben and Hermione are still waiting for their big check to pay off their prototype designers and David is facing a hard deadline to launch a test site for GoalSponsors.

Bravo airs new episodes of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley Tuesday nights. Air times have shifted so check out their website or local cable listings for times in your area.

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