Start-Ups: Silicon Valley, Sarah busted on her date (VIDEO)

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Start-Ups came in with a strong episode, "Awkward" during which we learned a lot more about Sarah and found out that it isn't easy to get a venture capitalist to part with a half-million dollars.

Bravo's latest venture in the reality television genre, Start-Ups: Silicon Valley delved deeper into the nitty gritty of pitching an idea to investors.

Ben and Hermione have come back down to earth after getting rebuffed by the first potential investor they saw.

He exposed all the flaws in their presentation about their business, "Ignite" and they took it to heart prior to their second appointment.

VC #2 pointed out another problem for them. Ben and Hermione had no beta or early version of their product to demonstrate.

They are plum out of money and it will take a cash infusion to get to that stage. Unfortunately for them, the investor told them that without something to "play" with, no money would be forthcoming. They asked for $500,000.

Sarah Austin comes off as a diva and deserves the title, but when she is pairing entrepreneurs with VC's she is polished and business-like. It's called the Bubble Tank.

She gets to live in the fabulous Four Seasons in Palo Alto in exchange for services, and one of them is drawing start-ups and potential investors to the hotel where the Bubble Tank takes place.

It's a service that is sought after by those who don't have Sarah's contact list, or even that of Hermione and find it impossible to book an appointment with a VC.

One of the show's featured players, David Murray felt far enough along on his business idea to speak about it there.

In a nice twist, he didn't ask for money. He needed solid business advice about how to get to the place where money could help launch his business.

The forum was a great success and Sarah followed it up with what she thought was a date with Jay, a pal of David's.

Described as a model who happens to be a nerd, Jay was blindsided by Sarah's appearance when they met up.

She had done the entire red carpet prep job on herself including getting a manicure, pedicure, a spray tan treatment along with styling her hair and makeup. Jay thought it was just a casual get together and looked the part.

Rather than cruising off to a fabulous restaurant for dinner, Jay took her to the roof of his building to see fireworks after he poured her some wine.

It was already awkward but got more so when Sarah decided to return to her video blogger self. She sent out the word about the date to her Twitter followers along with photos and video clips.

When Jay realized it he was taken aback. He played along a bit since he thought Sarah looked hot, although inappropriately attired for the evening he thought they were having.

Then he pointed out the obvious: "I may be wrong, but I'm wondering if it may shrink the dating pool for Sarah if she has to find a guy who's cool with the 24-7 social media experience."

In the video clips of next week's show, the Jay/Sarah experiment becomes an epic fail and guess who is involved in that? Hermione, that's who.

Bravo airs new episodes of Start-Ups on Monday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: Bravo promotional image of Start-Ups: Silicon Valley

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