'Storage Wars' controversy, Jeff Jarred and his handicapped parking permit

Storage Wars took a time-out from Dave Hester in two new shows on Tuesday, introducing Jeff Jarred who caused controversy at the auctions and among the show's fans.

Storage Wars regulars were without the guy nicknamed The Mogul, Dave Hester and his trademark call, "Yuuup". At auctions in Lancaster, California and Laguna Niguel, California. Jeff Jarred didn't just show up --- he stirred it up. Read the full story, here.

In the opening moments of "All's Fair in Storage and Wars", Jeff Jarred introduced himself as co-owner of a thrift/'tique shop located in Burbank, California and we found out he has history with auctioneers Dan and Laura Dotson.

He and his daughter run a place called Alexa's It's New to You and he owns a residence up near Lancaster, the location for the second show on Tuesday, "The Fast and the Curious".

The story of Jeff's attitude about the Storage Wars auctioneer couple dates from two years ago when a fellow bidder was given privileges denied to Jeff. He confronted Dan with it right after he parked his truck in a handicapped space, hung his plastic permit from the truck's mirror and lumbered over to him.

Jeff has been an umpire for years, he told the Storage Wars cameras and he likes things to be fair. He will not be pushed around and with money in his pockets he was raring to go.

Without any of the show's bidders or Dan and Laura mentioning Dave Hester, the social media sites blew up over speculation that Dave was being replaced by Jeff Jarred. Nine out of ten comments from the Get Glue stream on Tuesday night complained about missing Dave.

In the comments section under Huliq's report on Dave's absence and Jeff's appearance two readers noted the use of the handicapped parking permit and questioned Jeff's disability. Full text of comments, here.

"What's this guy's handicap? He parked in a HP spot and hung his placard. The only handicap I see is he's fat and can't tell if his hoes are untied. I'm in a wheelchair and resent fat people with HP parking permits"

"This unpleasant buffoon is able to easily walk to the lockers, stand & bid, then enter the lockers to move the contents around. He clearly has a disabled parking permit under false circumstances. Jeff Jarred should be ashamed of using a parking space meant for people with real mobility issues."

A quick look at the listing on Yelp for Alexa's It's New to You in Burbank revealed that one Storage Wars viewer identifying himself as Joe B. from Phoenix, Arizona took his complaint straight there and Jeff's daughter came right back to slam him.

"I just asked the owner Jeff why he parks in handicap parking when its obvious he doesnt need it, he said" Because I have a permit". I said to him" Im not asking you if you are legally able to do so, Im asking why do you take a spot that should be saved for someone who is really disabled?" He said " I only use it when there is no other parking and I dont want to walk that far", then told me its none of my business and demanded my name, as though I didnt really see what I saw on Storage Wars and him knowing my name would somehow change reality. And he has the gall to complain about the auctioneer Dan and there not being a level playing field for new bidders. REALLY? Dude, pot calling kettle black! Note to Alexa, If you are going to let your dad go on tv and advertise your store, make sure he conducts himself above reproach, it does affect your reputation."

As a good daughter should, Alexa fired back at Joe B. Her full response can be found at the link posted below. Here's just a quick sample of her defense.

"My dad had to go through the same steps that every other handicapped individual goes through, and although this feeble attack on him doesn't really dignify a response, I thought I'd use this opportunity to stand up for my dad, who is an amazing person that deserves none of your toxic energy."

This controversy is not going away and neither is the uproar over the missing Dave "Yuuup" Hester with the appearance of Jeff Jarred.

Storage Wars airs new episodes back-to-back on Tuesday nights at 10:00 p.m. and 10:30 p.m. ET on A&E, with replays throughout the week.

Yelp listing for Alexa's It's New to You.

Image: Wikimedia Commons


Submitted by Karma (not verified) on
This uproar is what the show wants. It gets them back into the spotlight. This is why they brought the dude on rather than using Nabilla who got a luke warm reception to her episodes.

'Cause until fans find out where the heck Dave is, they won't rest.

Submitted by McLaren (not verified) on
I have watched Storage Wars for yrs and really enjoyed the show. JEFF JARRED MAKES THE SHOW UNWATCHABLE, ABSOLUTELY UNWATCHABLE. Please send Jeff back to the rock he came out from under and kick him off the show.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
sooner the better

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I cannot stand the man. He's gross. He's whiny. And he's a hypocrite. The sound of his voice makes me sick. He gets excited about non-items in lockers to try to make himself appear interesting and successful. When he's on - I turn the show off. Simple as that.

Submitted by Trent (not verified) on
I have been a huge fan of Storage Wars from the very first show. The show is compelling because of the synergy of the original cast. It is not only about the individual players, the show works because of the dynamics between the cast. Dave Hester is an integral part of that cast and without him, the show will die a slow (possibly fast) death. The show absolutely does not work with Jeff Jarred. Numerous times In the past, producers of TV shows let their cast break up - only to suffer the consequences. If it's about money, which I believe it is, the producers are being penny wise and pound foolish. Dave is the glue that holds the show together, along with Barry, Jarred & Brandi, and Darryl. There is no replacing the original cast, then expecting the show to go on as usual.

for thoughtful take on it. Someone else commented earlier that a spinoff set in Texas is not as good and that Jeff reminded him of the folks on that show. Darrell vs. Dave, Jarrod vs. Dave, Barry vs. Dave cannot merely be transferred to everyone vs. Jeff.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I like Dave Hester alot more than Jeff Jarred or Mark V. I think Jeff is a whiner. Especially when you consider in the two episodes I saw with him he seems to be a creep. Bring back Dave Hester or maybe Nabella, anybody but Jeff Jarred.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Is Dave gone forever? i want him back and get rid of the troublemaker Jeff - he is going to ruin the show!!!!!!!gncisi

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on

Submitted by dennis hauser (not verified) on
I agree w/ Trent. Also, why can't Jeff and Dave be their, on the same playing field? I think they would need a ref. Barry could put on the stripes and have a hay-day. Speaking of Barry, we'd hang with him, anytime!!. I think he's a hoot!! Cool guy! So is Darryl and Jarred/Brandi. Big fan! Keep the shows going!

Dennis, I would hang w/ Barry in a heart beat. The guy is a hoot.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I am very glad to see I'm not the only one repulsed by this guy!! My Beautiful Wife passed away last Aug. She was disabled, we had to fight like HELL to get her a Handicap Permit!!! This perfectly healthly, a little overweight ASSHOLE has the audacity to use a HP. Get rid of him now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bring back Dave!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Kourt (not verified) on
There is obviously more than what meets the eye in the case of the handicapped placard. You cannot judge someone by outward appearances. He could have some type of underlying condition that warrants a handicapped placard. He could be in constant pain for all anyone knows but not let it show. Who are you to judge another person without knowing them and saying such rude and hurtful words. You should think before you speak, or in this case write.

Submitted by Joe B (not verified) on
His pain is so bad that he cant walk an extra 50 steps from the parking lot but can walk around and stand and dig through lockers and move furniture? Really Kort? He does have a condition, its called LAZINESS!

Submitted by FD (not verified) on
you can get a handicapped placard for mental issues as well. i dont like jeff either, but i dont know enough about him (and may never) to say why he got the placard in the first place. i'm simply saying that his issue may not be a physical one. and if it is... well, i dont think we've seen enough of him to know what that issue may be. i do storage auctions and some of the people have physical impairments such as requiring a cane. i've seen these people park, walk around their car and in the parking lot for 20mins before the auction, then get their cane for the auction. who knows, maybe he has gout, bad ankles, plastic knees.... or yeah, maybe he got it for being overweight. but that 1 action shouldn't be your main issue with his character in the show

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
No you are right, You cannot judge some one by outward appearances. But why make it a point to specifically show him putting the permit up.. And the there where empty parking spaces next to the handicapped parking space. There is no shame in admitting why he has the permit. Usually people with disablilities that have the permit, will let you know why they have it. I think he is a fake and is trying to act stupid for the ratings. You can tell there is nothing physically wrong with him.

Submitted by FD (not verified) on
to me, he's a fairly boring character. he put up a little fuss about the auctioneer and some past issues he had.. but otherwise he wasn't much of a character. but something like that gets him noticed right away. kinda like when barry does.. well.. anything lol. i can almost guarantee that they're acting it up for the camera.. thats the whole point of being on TV. even barry.. i'm sure he really is a character and probably a blast to hang out with, but i doubt he would have dressed up like a hobo with an oxygen tank if he wasn't on camera or that random guy who was using a rubber chicken to bid. i know if the show came here i'd be doing a lot more goofy crap than i do now at the auctions

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I was stating FACTS that happened when my wife tried to obtain a placard. If you would open your biased eyes maybe you could see past your nose!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I've watched the episode over again and I don't see him limping or looking like he is in pain. He has no hand controls in the vehicle he drives. He looked fine opening gate to his bought unit. He even uses his leg to close said gate. He picks up bins and removes merchandise from the storage unit. I'm in a wheel chair and I know plenty of people with various degrees of disabilities and Jeff does not fit criteria....Just makes me angry.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
Oh, and his store is not handicap accessible...hmmmmmmmm

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
CouldNt disagree more

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
agree,,some people have real dorks for doctors and give the permits out like candy,,even if they DON'T need one,,they are just to DAMN LAZY to walk their FAT ASSES to far,,mean will a person that really needs the spot has to park further away,, because the ASSHOLE that was to LAZY to walk,,. took the spot that was need for someone that REALLY needed it

Submitted by Joe B (not verified) on
Looking at Jeffs response to the question posed to him regarding the improper use of the handicap plac show what kind of person he is. He even went as far as to make a new screen name on yelp tonite under Jorge L posing as customer praising himself and attacking the folks who called him out for his laziness.

Submitted by lstk8888 (not verified) on
First two minutes watching Jeff Jared and he made my skin crawl. Not a pleasant sensation. There are people that have handicap permits that don't actually need them. Just because he was able to scam a doctor into getting one doesn't mean it's legal. I've read here in NYS you have to have an actual need for one and if not, you're not allowed to have one. I have had handicap permits in my car for years for my aunt and then for my mom when she gave up driving. I've NEVER used it for myself. And I have a bad back, fibromyalgia, neck pain and sciatica. And believe me there are times I don't want to "walk that far" too. This guy is a sleaze and I hope the police in CA wise up and crack down on him and other people like him that use handicap parking when they don't need it.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What a welcome relief to not have to hear or see that douche bag Hester. I LOVE the show without him. He is not missed one bit. Keep him GONE, please!

Submitted by FD (not verified) on
i dont think jeff will catch on, but who knows... we haven't seen enough of him to know. but hester was just an ass. on pretty much every episode he says he just runs up the bids. if you do this job for a living, you will piss EVERYBODY off by doing that as well as possibly ruin some good peoples lives because they cant stay in business paying 3000 for something that should go for 500 bucks. or just not getting anything because they refuse to pay 3000 so they have no product for their store

Submitted by Robert Nagel (not verified) on
Dave might be a prick, but he's our prick. Jeff just seems to be a jerk (there is a difference) and his hectoring Dan about a perceived injustice is over the top. His use of the handicapped parking tag should disqualify him in any case. Narcissism is not an attractive personality trait.

Submitted by Don M (not verified) on
I would rather see Bill come back on. Remember the guy who told Barry he quit his job and is all in. Jarod helped him at the end of the show. I have seen him in the background so he is going.

Submitted by storage war fan (not verified) on
#18 what the heck is up with dave missing and jeff Jarrod is a idiotSubmitted by storage war fan (not verified) on 2012-06-27.I wanted to say that Dave Hester disappearing without any mention from cast and crew of "storage wars" was a little confusing due to Hester being missing and this Jeff idiot with a giant chip on his shoulder that acted as a visor for his giant head. Who does Jeff think he is? He just had to bring up a past problem with auction Guy Dan about an auction 2 or 4 years ago that a high bidder had to use the ATM machine do to a cash shortage. Jeff had to rub it in dans face that was not going to happen on his watch and held Dan responsible for "bending the rules". Being a softball umpire he is accustomed to "a level plyaing field for everyone". I agree on that as well, I felt he took that way to far and came of as a loud mouth jerk that turned into a auction snitch if he did not like anything transpired he would run and tell Dan or yell that its not far. Barry asked a simple question to a friend like we all do, Barry said "is that a saw" Dan replied back to Barry "yes it's a saw and a good one". What was the big deal, no rules were broke. Jeff had to confront Dan and Berry to a point of belittling them both. As a new Guy replacing Hester I think this snitch is a moron and is a problem bidder. The show does not need Hester or Jeff on my belief as both of them piss me off. I like all of the rest of the cast but Hester is so big headed and egotistical. "$100.00 bills all day long" that's heaters favorite saying besides "yuuuup" which is so old and annoying. Don't even get me started on his yuuup truck and trailer. Basically look at me. I'm attempting to build a brand. What is Thomas beers thinking of, when he brought Jarrod on screen? Must be prop 215 medical pot. I really can't think why Jeff is on screen. He is really dumb and extremely slow. Now about Hester, he is on my worst person on TV list. The Guy makes me through up in my mouth and I really uy makes me through up in my mouth and I really think someday someone will take their frustrations out on him. Hester is a con man and thinks the whole show is popular due to him. He is truly a therapist nightmare. Hay beers want higher ratings for you prime demographics, ditch Nestor and Jeff from the show for good. I promise your ratings will sore like a kite in the sky. I did not like the woman I think u spell nilballa? She was a one time lucky buyer of Paris Hilton's storage unit that fetched over 150,000.00 dollars in resale for nilnalla. I did not like her do to just to much talk and not enough walk. She never fit in and Dave Nestor thought that she was his only equal partner in the show. She turned out to be a nobody. And was equally a let down and not liked by millions of viewers as well. My opinions are mine and I wish Dave Nestor taken abored an alien space craft and left to float in space after being jettisoned into deep space. And Jeff would make everyone happy if his picture showed up on the back of milk cartons. Never to be heard again. Thomas beers who produces the "storage wars" show should take this comment and all the rest on the net and ban them for the duration of the show. Then we all would not be so mad and frustrated.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
i'm exhausted after trying to follow your train of thought... i, too, felt like i might through up in my mouth.....:)

Submitted by Leslie Siegel (not verified) on
Every Reality TV show rigs something for a bit of a punch, and that goes from Amazing Race to "The Bachelor", you will find. Other shows are fooling us too.But even if it is fixed, it makes for good fun. Dave Hester is only doing a lawsuit to stop production so he can go into his production and steal away all the regular Storage Wars Characters like Barry Weiss and Jarrod and his wife Brandi! That's the only reason. Dave Hester is known for good PR tactics!

Submitted by Fonzi (not verified) on
Storage Wars must be putting their water skis on by adding this Jeff guy. Getting ready to JUMP THE SHARK.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
.... i'm almost giddy to hear that guy got the boot from storage wars.... nerdy, arrogant, goof-ball... him, not me.....

Submitted by mikie21 (not verified) on
If I turn on Storage Wars and Jeff is on, I will IMMEDIATELY turn it off. thank you. Producers, PLEASE take note !!

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
That there are usually about 5-10 parking spots at the facility and 30-60 cars at the auction. If there are no other empty lots nearby sometimes the line of parked cars on the street can be half a mile away. If he does have a minor disability then he can't be blamed.

Submitted by Anonymouskoldkanuck (not verified) on
My wife is legally blind and cannot get a permit, no she doesn't drive But I have to drive her around doctor appointments groceries etc. apparently being blind is not a handicap, but being morbidly obese is WTF?

Submitted by Leslie Siegel (not verified) on
I knew what Dave Hester was up too. I told my husband that Dave is missing, so I assumed he was planning his own show. He comes sto the auctions with 50K cash, so what do you think the others are going to do? The auctioneers had to get a new face, so comes Jeff Jarred. He's not a bad guy. I like Dave Hester, but if Dave is starting his own Storage Wars (Storage Wars Worldwide, so I heard), then all the power to him. He does have an "attitude" and we won't deny he's smart and knows his stuff. But every Reality TV show rigs something for a bit of a punch, and that goes from Amazing Race (when some guy slaps his Playboy Centerfold wife around Berlin) to "The Bachelor" (Sex with a production guy), you will find. Other shows are fooling us too.But even if it is fixed, it makes for good fun. Dave Hester is only doing a lawsuit to stop production so he can go into his production and steal away all the regular Storage Wars Characters like Barry Weiss and Jarrod and his wife Brandi! That's the only reason. Dave Hester is known for good PR tactics!

Submitted by Storage Wars Fan (not verified) on
The person most impressed with Dave Hester is.... Dave Hester. In one show he compares himself with a highly trained professional athlete... with finely tuned skills and abilities. It was a good laugh. The boy is delusional and arrogant in an ugly way. Good Riddance! As to Jeff Jarred being on the show: when Jeff comes on, Storage Wars goes OFF.