Storage Wars: Hester vs. Jeff Jarred and the pooper-scoopers

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A&E aired two new episodes of Storage Wars last night and the focus was back on the regulars, despite the distractions of Dave Hester and his lawsuit.

Storage Wars fans and those of Dave "YUUUP" Hester got to see the master manipulator once again. The first auction was in Tustin.

What's his beef with the network and producers and find out his salary and perks, here.

Barry sticks it up Dave's Hester

It seemed like it was Let's Target Dave Hester Day as Barry Weiss had friend Terry in tow. Their mission was to "sideswipe" Dave during the bidding.

The first locker gave them a great opportunity and after bidding it up to $3,400 Barry commenced sideswiping.

"I think it's time to dump it on him," Barry declared. "I wanted this one, but it feels real good sticking it up Dave's Hester." Best line of the night.

Dave knew he overpaid for the unit but declared, "Sometimes you have to put your bitches in place." Ouch!

Then we got what Storage Wars fans have waited for. Two of the world's biggest egos clashed.

Jeff Jarred takes on Dave Hester. Guess who wins?

Dave Hester, please meet Jeff Jarred. It was their first time butting heads and it was worth the wait.

Jeff started the verbal sparring and Dave was oh so happy to return fire. When Hester did the usual "YUUUP" after a unit had been bid as high as anyone expected, with Jeff being the last bidder at $1,000, the newbie began this way.

"Was somebody talking over there? I didn't hear anything, just a waah, waaah, waah."

Dave smirked and kept bidding against Jeff, using the old Verizon Wireless line, "Can you hear me now?"

Bidding continued between the two and Dave wanted to know, "Are the pooper-scoopers done?" His new pet name for everyone else in the cast.

Jeff dropped out at $1,700 making it seem that he thought the price was too high. "It's all yours baby."

Not to be outdone, Hester countered with, "I knew it was from the beginning." Jeff continued, "You paid for it though, didn't you?"

Hester ended with, "I got plenty of money. No worries." How much money does he have? Not sure but here's what his contract called for this year.

Hester's gamble paid off

Did Hester make any money after his two expensive bidding wars?

Well, he found a beekeeping starter set worth $750 which added to his estimated total take of more than $11,000. In the end he was up more than $6,000 on the day.

I guess he knows a pooper-scooper when he sees one.

A&E airs two new episodes of Storage Wars on Tuesday nights beginning at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: A&E/Storage Wars

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