Storage Wars new shows: Dan shouts down Laura in Murrieta

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Storage Wars began its new season on A&E with visits to Compton and Murrieta, California. The appearance of Jeff Jarred set off auctioneer Dan Dotson and his wife Laura.

All the noise surrounding the resumption of Storage Wars surrounded Dave Hester's status on the show and whether some items found in storage lockers were planted there for entertainment value. Read about that here.

Dave "Mr. Yuuup" Hester was in attendance at both locations but in Murrieta he and the usual gang of regulars were joined by the controversial bidder Jeff Jarred.

Jarred made a splash last season when he accused Dan Dotson of bending the rules for someone at an auction a while back and it disadvantaged Jarred, in his opinion.

He warned Dan that he was watching him and wouldn't stand for any shenanigans again. Read: Jeff Jarred annoys everyone.

Roll the tape forward to last night's Murrieta episode, "The Young and the Reckless". Jarred popped out of his vehicle and was met by Dan with a handshake and a warning.

"I've got to talk to you man," Dotson began. "When you are out there insinuating that I"m doing something dirty..."

Jeff denied it as Dan continued. "I swear to God, if you're out there talking about me like I"m doing something wrong, then you and me won't do business anymore."

It was then that Laura, Dan's wife chimed in with her own epithets and she meant business. "Just kick the trash out," she began. "There you go, I said it. If you don't like it you can get out."

You know that Laura's a loyal spouse and wanted to support her man. Dan didn't see it that way. In his mind, she was helping him as if he needed it. Turns out that Dan wasn't kicking Jeff off the premises. He was handing out a warning.

"I can handle my own deal, he told Laura. "I don't need you jumping over the top of my neck on anything."

Then he kicked her when she was down. Pointing to her he said, "Work on that clipboard over there." Public embarrassment for Laura of the worst kind.

Jarred stayed, started complaining that his bids were being ignored but ultimately paid the most money of the day for a locker, $2,700 and he lost his shirt on it.

And that's a pretty big shirt he was wearing.

The reference to young and reckless was about Brandi and Jarrod who decided to throw caution to the wind by bidding big without worrying about it all. They were winners at Murrieta, making a profit of $5,600 with their find of a YikeBike.

Barry Weiss had a rare day in the plus column netting $3,700 on collectible sculptures that were authenticated and appraised by his dear mother.

Dave Hester walked away empty and it might be the last we see of him, if multiple reports about his problems with A&E and the show's producers are true.

A&E airs new Storage Wars episodes on Tuesday nights. Check local listings for time in your area. Image
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Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I love your show and everybody on it but hester. Everybody else jokes around and have a fun competition but him. He is very rude and crude. His name calling (calling people pukes) is totaly unacceptable. That is totally uncalled for. He is arrogant and obnoxious and that stupid YUUUUP is disgusting. I've not seen the comments he has made on facebook but I can imagine how bad they are. Doesn't matter what he thinks about the show,it's not his place to comment. If he doesn't like it, leave. He really is a nobody and won't be missed. I think he gets on everybody's nerves but they have the class to ignore him and not call names.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
He is paid by them to do a show. This is his employer. He should not be running his big pie hole negatively about the show. His arrogance, name calling and rudeness is unacceptable.

Submitted by Lionheart (not verified) on
I was very disappointed to see the return of the arrogant, selfish, sweaty buffoon Jeff Jarred. His abuse of the disabled parking space & shameful excuses during his last appearance still leave a bitter taste!

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