Storage Wars N.Y. Candy and Courtney put on big girl pants

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The flaming redheads of Storage Wars N.Y., Candy and Courtney moved up to play with the men, spending $800 on a storage locker.

The Storage Wars N.Y. crew is unique for two reasons: Candy and Courtney in their pretty dresses and high heels.

They make the guys crazy. Well, all except super cool Joe P. a/k/a The Legend.

Joe P's got a pulse of course, but it's hard to get it past a resting rate. He cruises through the Storage Wars episodes with nary a raised voice or a concern and if anyone tries to challenge him, it's lights out.

During last night's two new episodes on A&E, Joe P. quashed the hopes and dreams of Mike The Hustler Braiotta as well as the yappy twosome of Chris and Tad.

The ladies don't challenge Joe P. They try and charm him, but he ends up turning the table on them.

Earlier in the new season, Joe P was making small talk with Candy asking what the pop-up sale queens were looking for that day.

"I don't know," said Candy, "what are you looking for?" Peering down from his great height he calmly said, "Maybe I'm looking for you." That brought Candy to giggle mode.

Last night, the ladies weren't fooling around.

Flush with cash from one of their recent sales events, they arrived at the Brooklyn storage unit location promising to challenge the men. "I'm ready to spend some money," Candy said to Courtney on the drive over the bridge in their sunny yellow van.

They arrived all dolled up in black and white outfits and the men checked them out, thinking it was just another day.

"Look at the ladies. They have no clue what life's about," one of them cracked.

Candy said, "Even in a dress, the bigger man is still me." It was on!

Candy and Courtney bid a whopping (for them) $800 for a locker they wanted, but quickly realized it was all male-oriented items, like sports jerseys. Their focus is female clothing and accessories with some inexpensive retro-type furniture.

On the way to inspect their good, they called it their "man cave" unit. It kept them from bidding on any other lockers that day and they hoped it paid off.

At the end of the day, the ladies made money, thanks to a knock-off ping pong robot that would net them more than $2,000.

They exulted and hugged the appraiser who loved the attention from the beauties.

Have we entered a new era in which Candy and Courtney stand toe-to-toe with the guys? Probably not all the time, but now that they've tasted the euphoria it will be hard to keep them down.

Miss the episode? Watch it in full at the show's website, here.

A&E airs new episodes of Storage Wars N.Y. Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET Image: Storage Wars/A&E

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