Storage Wars N.Y. sparkles in debut: with cleavage, cabs, accents

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The latest spin-off of the Storage Wars franchise premiered and you will like its fresh cast and New York energy, including a pop-up shop and hustling dad of three.

A&E's Storage Wars: New York is a new look at the show's format, without the California tank tops, Hollywood connection and tired feuding of the original.

There are two sets of business partners, a "wise man", an auctioneer you can understand and a N.Y. hustler. Update: new episode filmed in Connecticut has everyone calling names.

Oh yeah, and get used to the accents and language differences. They're not "units" in N.Y. They're called "rooms". Just ask Joe P.

Joe P: nicknamed The Legend, is an old-timer. His aging hippie silver mini-ponytail stands out on the tall bidder. For fans of the original show, think of Joe P as a sort of Barry Weiss-type.

He isn't interested in the flea market merchandise and knows artwork and fine objects well, but unlike Barry it looks like he actually has a reselling business.

Mike Braiotta is a self-styled storage room day trader. He's young and energetic with three kids to feed. He's the young gun, but unlike Jarrod on the original show, he is experienced and savvy.

Mike, with his backwards baseball cap roams the boroughs to drop off individual items at places he knows will buy them on the spot for a good price.

Courtney and Candy, known as The Flame (for Candy's red hair) and The Firecracker are partners in a pop-up business. Unlike Brandi in the original show, the two get glammed-up for the job, causing their male competitors some grief.

Needing money to pay off the van they bought to resell their wares, the two use their "cleavage and heels" to dazzle the competition.

Tad and Chris are partners who bicker like it. Their Hoboken, N.J. business is taking would-be gems in the world of old and antique furniture and restoring them to their former glory for resale.

Chris says what's on his mind without thinking twice and Tad can be seen steaming a bit then letting loose with classic N.Y. sarcasm.

In the two-part premiere of the program the gang visited Brooklyn and then Harlem to find "the treasures within".

Candy and Courtney are focused on clothing and shoes with a sprinkling of hand bags and accessories. The two hit it big finding a full-length fur coat with a retail value of $3,000 that would enable them to pay their van loan and survive to pop-up another day.

Joe P bought a storage room with classic photographs he was able to turn into a $16,000+ profit and looked calm in the process.

Chris and Tad discovered an infrared BBQ grill that was brand new and netted them $1,250.

Mike was between bouts of what he called food poisoning, but what the others called indigestion, slugged Pepto Bismol and resold massage furniture to a tattoo parlor. In the process, he got his own ink freshened up as part of the sales price of the goods.

There are no luxury vehicles in the Storage Wars N.Y. world, sorry Barry Weiss. Cabs, vans and subways are the modes of transport with the usual profanity that comes with traveling in New York traffic.

The storage rooms are usually packed to the gills and most of the locations are high rises. There are no sprawling storage unit businesses in the crowded confines of the boroughs of New York City.

A&E expects to air new episodes of its New York spinoff starting at 10:00 p.m. ET on Tuesday nights. Image: A&E: Storage Ware: New York. Candy and Courtney


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