Storage Wars N.Y. is in your face, got it?

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A&E has expanded its Storage Wars franchise to a third city. New Yorkers are different creatures than those in Los Angeles or Texas and it's easy to see.

With the second week of back-to-back episodes of Storage Wars New York the bidders and auctioneer's personalities have settled into a pattern.

You know how in the original Storage Wars you have Dave Hester and Darryl Sheets saying nasty things about each other and the other characters that inhabit the So Cal based show?

In the N.Y spinoff that bug infects everyone.

There is an edge to a classic New Yorker's temperament and there is no lack of bravado, sarcasm and name calling displayed in every episode.

John Luke, the auctioneer doesn't go into much detail when he gives the instructions at the beginning of each auction, and it's as in-your-face as you'd expect.

"Here are the rules of the auction. We're gonna cut the locks. We're gonna open the door. Don't even think about going in the unit, opening any boxes, bags . It's a cash-only auction. Everybody understand?" Dan Dotson would consider that unprofessional. Sorry Dan, it's just New York.

Joe Pauletich a/k/a Joe P is a self-proclaimed legend whose silver hair and wise guy attitude comes from years on the auction scene. He has a habit of using analogies that feature women. Such as when he referred to a unit with old and not so good stuff as, "If this room (that's what they call storage units in N.Y.) was a woman, it would be somebody that's close to to a nursing home."

Mike "The Hustler" Braiotta is the street-wise seller of the group, who needs items he can turn the same day or shortly thereafter. He's always decked out in a backwards baseball cap and wearing a big silver chain on top of his t-shirt.

Mike looked the two ladies in the group up and down in "Straight Outta Connecticut" and started the show with this.

"What's up with Candy and Courtney? They should be behind a bar mixing drinks not an an auction." Or this tasty tidbit about the twosome of Tad and Chris: "This guy brings his dog to an auction. I mean, really? Of course with these two guys, that dog is probably the brains of this operation."

Chris and Tad do travel with their pooch that has only one eye and love it to death. The partners in a vintage shop located in Hoboken, N.J. are as different as night and day.

Chris Morelli
never stops talking, without a care about what he says or its effect on anyone, particularly his quieter and more level-headed partner Tad Eaton. They are the Darryl and Brandon of Storage Wars New York except one isn't a youngster --- at least in chronological age.

Chris was talking trash and name calling throughout the episode in Connecticut and the follow-up "The Shore Thing" that took place in N.J.. Referring to Mike's pendant and chain, coupled with the black tee and baseball cap as a "Guido" thing, is so normal in N.Y. that Mike didn't get ticked off.

"There's no way I'm getting outbid on this by Cinnamon Bun," Chris said when referring to one or both of the redheads, Candy and Courtney.

Courtney Wagner
is friends and partners with Candy Olsen in a pop-up business that operates out of a van on the streets of N.Y. Her retort to Chris outbidding her on a unit the ladies desperately wanted?

"Screw you man," she said to Chris. "This Cinnamon Bun is pissed." How very un-Brandi Passante of her!

A&E is running new episodes of Storage Wars New York on Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET. Image: A&E/Storage Wars N.Y.

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