Storage Wars returns, but Dave Hester not so much

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A&E's Storage Wars returns with new episodes on Tuesday December 4. Dave Hester will appear along with other show regulars but for how long?

The man Storage Wars fans love to love as well as hate seems to be embroiled in a contract controversy with the A&E folks and producers of the show.

That is according to which reported exclusively on Monday that Hester will not be seen in episodes after tomorrow's first two of the new season.

Hester is a man not unknown for drawing in controversy and while A&E has not commented publicly on the issue, the celebrity website has a source, "with knowledge of the situation."

The King of Yuuup was locked out after a contract offer to him was rescinded according to Radaroline.

Back in early November it reported that his problems with the network and production company emanated from claims swirling around in public about the show using techniques to pump up the entertainment value of the show.

Is anyone shocked to learn that rumors about items being planted in storage lockers are flying around?

Would it keep anyone from watching? Of course it wouldn't because the items in the lockers are secondary to what keeps people tuning in. Read: Do viewers care if all isn't "real" on Storage Wars?

It's all about the funny interplay among the stars of the show. It's Hester bidding up his competitors just because he loves to make them crazy.

It's the "Darrellsms", the many vehicles of Barry and the husband and wife squabbles and flirting between Jarrod and Brandi. Read: Darrell coins the phrase "Veteranism" and defends it.

Tomorrow's new episodes take place in Compton, California and then way out in Murrieta, where along with Hester, fans will be treated to the sight of Jeff Jarred.

You remember Jeff Jarred don't you? He crashed the party in a big way last season.

During a brief absence by Dave Hester, Jarred plopped his large presence into the mix and got under everyone's skin. Read: Controversy over Jeff Jarred and his parking decal.

He had a bone to pick with auctioneers Dan and Laura, accusing them of playing favorites in an unfair way.

He also drove his truck into a parking space designated for those with handicaps and proceeded to look perfectly healthy as he pranced around the storage units.

It caused a feeding frenzy of major proportions as viewers bombarded Jarred's Yelp page for his "Thriftique" business in So Cal.

Is this what we have to look forward to? More Jeff and less Dave. Hopefully the answer isn't YUUUP.

A&E will air its first two new episodes of Storage Wars on Tuesday night December 4 starting at 9:00 p.m. ET. Image: A&E/Storage Wars promo photo


Submitted by FXSTRYDER (not verified) on
Does it really matter ? Dave Hester, is an egotistical guy that gets under my skin.. it wouldn't matter to me if he isn't on the show ! so bring in someone that is female and has good sense, that is what i would like to see...

Submitted by redwire (not verified) on
The mute button is an amazing thing for these shows, I for one can't stand the diiots and their "Discovery Drama Degrees" from the Tuttle School of Acting

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The first half of the show where the units are being bid on isn't worth watching. The second half when they're digging through the locker is the entertaining part.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
The show won't be the same with Dave missing, the 5 of them (Jarrod, Brandi, Dave, Barry and Darrell) just work together and thats one of the reasons why the series actually worked, the show wasn't the same with Jeff or Bill last series.

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