Storage Wars, top five episodes of 2012

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It's been a big year for A&E's Storage Wars. Forget Dave Hester's lawsuit and reminisce about the best episodes of 2012 for Barry, Brandi, Jarrod, Dave, Darryl, Brandon, Dan and Laura.

We all have our favorite characters on Storage Wars and certainly an opinion about the best scenes from the entire year's library.

Here are my choices. Feel free to chime in and add others you think are worthy of mention.

Barry Weiss launches a sting operation

Tired of Dave's antics, Barry carried out an elaborate plotutilizing two men of his acquaintance. One had a German accent and dressed up as a lawyer bidding for an international client.

Hoping that the regulars would be swayed to spend a lot for lowly storage lockers, Barry did bid up Dave during one auction. In another, the two men of mystery were busy taking the buyers' contact info as Barry stole a unit for a mere $245.00

It all worked out for both Barry and Dave as they made big profits on "the treasures within".

Jeff Jarred gets introduced and not in a good way

During a couple of episodes mid-season, Dave Hester was absent without a doctor's note. In came big, burly Jeff Jarred who caused controversy immediately.

Utilizing a handicapped parking decal for his vehicle, Jarred proceeded to roam the storage lockers in Laguna Nigel, California without looking handicapped. Viewers did some research on Jarred and concluded he wasn't a good guy.

As if to emphasize that point Jeff attacked Dan Dotson the friendly auctioneer, who he claimed cheated him out of a winning bid two years' prior.

Jarred didn't endear himself to anyone else that day and kicked off an Internet furor of comments about Dave's absence and Jeff's use or misuse or the parking decal. Read the comments section to get a feel for how fans reacted.

The revenge of Brandon Sheets

The bickering between Brandon and big daddy Darryl reached heights not seen or heard before. Darryl was tired of "carrying" his son through the process and challenged him to demonstrate why he should continue in the business.

A visit to Westminster, California proved fruitful and seemed to accomplish the task when Brandon spied vintage and valuable skateboards from the master Tony Alva himself.

Brandon then took charge of the bidding on a unit that dad said was worthless. He paid $275 for it as the others were of the same opinion as Darryl. Lo and behold, the kid found an ancient and rare sculpture from the Ivory Coast. Even without authentication papers it was estimated to bring in upwards of $3,000. Darryl called his son a "chip off the old block", high praise indeed from The Gambler.

Dave Hester turns into a bully with Brandon

There has never been a sweet relationship between the Sheets men and Dave, but during a visit to Riverside, California where temps hovered near 100 degrees, Dave and Brandon almost came to blows.

The name calling began in earnest and daddy Darryl stepped away to allow his boy to defend himself against a man at least 20 years his senior. "Whatcha' gonna do about it?" got the testosterone flowing as Dave picked on a youngster who likes to mouth off.

In the end, Brandon decided to back off but not before earning the respect of the regulars, particularly Jarrod who said, "It sucks we didn't get a unit, but the good news is, Dave got into a fight...and it wasn't with me."

Dan Dotson blows his cork

Auctioneer Dan told off Jeff Jarred who supposedly was bad mouthing Dan around the auction community. In the process however, he ended up screaming at and humiliating his wife Laura.

Dotson saw Jeff coming at a Murrieta, California storage facility and laced into him. "I swear to God, if you're out there talking about me like I"m doing something wrong, then you and me won't do business anymore." It looked like he would deny Jeff access to the facility as the two jawed back and forth about the truth of the rumors.

When Laura jumped in to give her opinion of "the trash" as she called Jeff, Dan told her to mind her own business and to "Work on that clipboard over there."

It was a first to see happy-go-lucky Dan incensed and ready to throw the bum out.

What are your favorite scenes from Storage Wars 2012? The comment section is open.

A&E airs new episodes of Storage Wars on Tuesday nights starting at 9:00 p.m. ET, with replays throughout the week. Image: A&E/Storage Wars

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