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'Storage Wars' viewers hooked on the stars even during replays

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Storage Wars took a break from airing new episodes this week, but the show's characters were in action for replays that fans of the show gladly watched just to be close to them.

A&E scheduled a five-hour Storage Wars marathon with shows from 2011 and 2012. A review of the Get Glue television social media site revealed viewers watching replays because they couldn't live without the characters.

It's all about the big personalities.

Darrell Sheets and son Brandon are now in the running for status as the best bickering couple on Storage Wars and it appears that it will only get better or worse, depending on your point of view.

In preview scenes for new episodes that will air next Tuesday August 7 big daddy Darrell tells his son that he needs to take more control of the operation. He says that Brandon has to "take the wheel" as he takes his own hands off the steering wheel of a moving vehicle.

It's something we've heard before. If Darrell wants to give his son a taste of what it would be like without him as a safety net he could do it. In the meantime it makes for great theater when he doesn't.

Then there are the "Darrellisms". He is hitting a high mark lately with "Smiththonium" for the name of the national museum and "veteranism" for the word experience

Barry Weiss has gotten more eccentric and dramatic this season. It seems that most episodes he's got some schtick that leads to giggles and head shaking for fans.

There was the episode with the DecoLiner boat/vehicle combo that Barry drove into the parking lot with a captain's hat on his head as he announced he just landed on "Storage Island".

Last week Barry tried spy movie theatrics to win a locker and throw Dave Hester off the hunt. He asked a friend with a thick German accent to pose as a big-time international lawyer who was snooping around for expensive items. Read: Barry uses a sting to bite Dave

Dave Hester has confounded his fans and those that love to hate him by being mysterious about his whereabouts. There were a few recent episodes when he was absent without any mention of him. Read: Dave went missing and new guy was annoying

In his place was an abrasive replacement named Jeff Jarred. He rubbed most fans the wrong way with his accusations about Dan and Laura's favoritism and then there was the handicapped parking space issue. Read: The Jeff Jarred handicapped decal controversy.

Jeff rolled right into one of them, hung his California parking decal from his mirror and proceeded to walk around as if here were strong and healthy. The outcry from that one act caused a storm. So much so that someone went to the Yelp listing for his "thrift-tique" business and posted angry comments that ended up being taken down.

The cry of "Where is Dave Hester" began. While some hate him, others just can't do without his snide comments, disdain for the others and his bidding people up just because he can.

Brandi and Jarrod are what one reviewer called the "sit-com couple" of the show. The bickering is rarely mean spirited and ultimately they get over it and handle it with more humor than most of us could.

They are together night and day as business partners and a married couple with kids. How they don't kill each other is a mystery but the growth of their savvy at the auctions has been fun to watch.

Storage Wars airs new episodes on A&E Tuesday nights starting at 10:00 p.m. ET with replays throughout the week. Image: Wikipedia


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