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Survive Super Bowl party food with a few easy steps

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Super Bowl Sunday is approaching with tempting party food and drinks. How can health and weight conscious sports fans stay on track?

Parties on Super Bowl Sunday can be counted on for some mainstays such as sandwiches, chips, dips, chicken wings, pizza, beer and wine. Is there a way for party goers to enjoy themselves without regretting it all on Monday morning?

Parties for Super Bowl are survivable although it means some planning on the part of both hosts and guests.

If you are invited to a party, don't be afraid to call ahead and ask your host what is being served. Many hosts won't mind if you ask to bring along a dish or two or some things to drink that are less caloric but still delicious.


Sparkling cider as a substitute for wine or champagne is already a time tested method for New Year's Eve bashes or Christmas gatherings and can make its way into a Super Bowl party without embarrassment.

Adding sparkling water to a smaller quantity of wine, over ice with a lemon or lime slice results in a volume liquid drink and a delicious wine-spritzer.

Using iced tea or diet soda in a second cup alongside an alcoholic beverage allows you to take a sip from one, then the other to stretch the time between refills.

Light beer over regular beer is a no-brainer but tastes varies greatly. Choose your favorite and bring it along.

Dips for Chips

A party dip that includes two Super Bowl party favorites can be made lighter pretty quickly. Using canned turkey chili without beans, fat free cheese, jalapeno peppers, onion and hot pepper nets you a treat to enjoy and not fear.

Using salsa over any rich and fatty dip is always an easy fix for those that need something on their chips to enjoy the party. Hummus as a dip in place of regular sour cream is a great way to give yourself the right to keep dipping more, not less.

Finger Food

Buffalo chicken fingers made with pieces of white meat breasts that are baked, not fried get you the buffalo spice and the chicken you crave without the guilt.

Sushi may not be traditional for Super Bowl parties, but can add to the flair of the food table.

Many large grocery stores carry freshly made packs of sushi and rolls that can be enjoyed the same day. Four pieces of sushi is filling, healthy and less caloric than two loaded potato skins.


There is no getting around the craving for a slice of pizza, and there is no equivalent when that is what you crave. Yet, there are some that are more lethal than others when it comes to fats and calories.

Costco brand pizza is popular because of its size and its relatively inexpensive cost. But there is a price to pay other than from your wallet. One slice can be twice as high in fat, protein and carbohydrates than other store bought brands.

One topping pizzas are always less fattening than the multi-topping variety and thin crust is the safer bet than deep dish.

Because of recent food labeling requirements, pizza chains have to give customers the breakdown of what is in each slice. Calories are clearly marked and can be calculated based on a serving size, which is considered to be one slice.

There are helpful hints available from most weight-loss programs and recipes that will make it easier. There are more people than just you who are interested in keeping it a day to remember, not to forget.

Image: Wikimedia Commons

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