Team Blake Shelton, who shone on The Voice live playoffs?

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Blake Shelton's talented singers took the stage for the first live performance show on NBC's The Voice. Shelton's team did him proud and America will pick two of the five to continue in the competition.

The Voice's live playoff show format kicked off on Monday night with Team Blake and Team Adam featured. Shelton and Levine get to save one of their singers after America chooses two. Who deserves to stay from Team Adam: Watch, here.

One thing is for sure about Blake Shelton. He can't decide who he loves the most and has a huge problem on his hands.

While he wants to take a country singer to the finals, he has others who might be more worthy of his vote. Here's who should make the cut:

Terry McDermott

The Scottish rocker with the cool and calm manner never disappoints and his live performance of Journey's "Don't Stop Believing" continued that trend.

With his shag hair cut and rocker image duds, McDermott sang his heart out without having to use any histrionics. It's just his style.

For a song that conjures up the final episode of The Sopranos, McDermott found a way to make it less of an homage to Journey and more an interpretation with style.

Julio Cesar Castillo

The young man who sings mariachi at restaurants and events to help support himself and his parents, decided to do the first all-Spanish lyric song performed at the live playoffs.

It was his choice and in doing so called attention to his ability to connect with an audience who might not understand they lyrics, but knows an emotional song when they hear one.

Taking on the Spanish-language classic El Rey, his soaring tones and strength of conviction won over the audience and all four judges.

Liz Davis

The country singer has long odds against emerging from the pack of Team Blake. Her true country voice and stage presence gave Shelton everything he wanted to see as her coach.

He said repeatedly that he wanted to take a country singer to the live shows, and had expressed a hope that one would represent his entire team in the finals.

Davis did her best to make "Independence Day" sound angry without losing the sweet twang in her voice. It was a serious song choice and her maturity made it a winner.

Michaela Paige, the 16 year-old punk singer with the Mohawk that grows taller every show, performed her heart out on Neon Trees' "Everybody Talks" and Cassadee Pope looked the part of a solo pop-rocker, but in comparison to McDermott, Castillo and Davis, didn't stand out.

The Voice airs three times this week on NBC, with live performance shows Monday and Wednesday and a live results show on Thursday. Image: NBC The Voice Julio Cesar Castillo


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I thought Liz Davis was awful, I am Team Blake , but I will not vote for her or Julio Castillo. My picks are Terry McDermott, Michaela Paige, and Cassadee Pope.

seems to be popular across the board. We'll find out tomorrow night how it all went down.

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