Teen Battle Chef cook-off judged by Dr. Oz for HealthCorps®

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A Teen Battle Chef cook-off took place in N.Y. between judged by Dr. Oz and wife Lisa, along with Chef Rocco DiSpirito, and Iron Chef America Challenger Chef Michael Ferraro.

Dr. Mehmut Oz is the co-founder and chairman of HealthCorps® along with his wife Lisa. It is building a movement to help with the country's child obesity problem by helping Americans discover what they are really hungry for and why.

HealthCorps “Coordinators” carry out unique in-school and community programming targeting high-need populations using peer-mentoring.

Their stated purpose is to "...deliver a progressive curriculum in nutrition, fitness and mental strength. HealthCorps Coordinators give teens purpose, help develop human character, and inspire an interest in health and culinary arts careers."

Dr. Oz announced that HealthCorps will partner with Usana Health Sciences to bring his program to even more schools and communities. Usana is a U.S.-based nutritional supplements company focused on preventing disease and promoting personal health.

Teen Battle Chef is a creation of FamilyCook Productions founder and author Lynn Fredericks. Through a curriculum aimed at community groups and schools, it challenges youth to learn about teamwork and develop real skills in the areas of leadership as well as the culinary arts. Learning about nutrition and how to eat and enjoy healthy and diverse food is the goal.

Together they provided the forum for teens who put on quite a display of talent last week at Columbia University in New York City. HealthCorps students from the N.Y metropolitan area prepared special recipes and showcased their presentation skills.

Two teams of students shared their unique recipes and cooking skills. One team prepared a recipe for Kenyan Styled Mixed Greens and the other presented its Collard & Golden Beet Soup recipe.

A spokesperson for Usana Health Sciences told HULIQ exclusively about the result of the cook-off. The soup recipe won Best Dish while the mixed greens was given the award for Best Presentation, but it was not all about a medal.

One of the young chefs-in-training said that it is about "food activism" that they shared via the Teen Battle Chef demonstration. In attendance as judges were Dr. Oz and wife Lisa, along with Bravo’s Chef Rocco DiSpirito, and Delicatessen’s (and Iron Chef America Challenger) Chef Michael Ferraro.

Along for the ride were Columbia University Mailman School of Public Health students and members of Columbia’s “Students for Food Policy and Obesity Prevention” program who helped organize the event and participate at the cook-off.

Dr. Mehmut Oz, is well known for his Emmy Award winning television show "Dr. Oz" and in the past six months has highlighted healthy eating and weight loss through his "Transformation Nation, Million Dollar You Weight Loss Challenge." It has been wildly popular with 1.2 million people registered who have already lost 135,000 pounds since it commenced in September 2011.

Image source: Usana Health Sciences, used with permission


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