Tennessee Titans lineman suffers concussion on sidelines

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The Tennessee Titans lost more than their NFL Week 16 game on Sunday.

Defensive end William Hayes suffered a concussion, but not from some helmet-to-helmet hit by an opponent on the field.

During the Titans game against the Kansas City Chiefs, Hayes was on the sidelines watching his offensive team try and move the ball down the field.

Kerry Collins was at quarterback and he threw a ball out of bounds which hit Hayes in the head. He was unable to continue to play in the game after being diagnosed with a concussion.

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The Titan's coach Jeff Fisher was quoted by the Tennessean newspaper: "That's kind of how the game went,'' Fisher said. "I've never had a player leave the game with a concussion after getting hit with the ball on the sideline. But we'll see how he is this week.''

What made the situation dire for Fisher after Hayes' injury, was the fact that he had deactivated his other starter, Jovan Haye.

The Titans game against the Chiefs, which they lost 34-14, was another game in which Collins at QB was unable to move the team down the field on a consistent basis.

Because of his inability to find his receivers regularly, the Chiefs stacked the box to defend against the running of Chris Johnson.

CJ had another game during which he failed to see the end zone and racked up fewer than 100 yards on the day. The Titans season stands at 6-9, although with the Houston Texans having an awful season, the Titans rank above them in the AFC South.

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