Toddler's advice changes Tiger bread to Giraffe bread at Sainbury's

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Sainsbury's retail grocery chain renamed its Tiger bread after a suggestion letter from a three year-old that recognized the bread's pattern as spots, not stripes.

Sainsbury's in the UK proudly relabeled its Tiger bread product after Lily Robinson called them out for what she knew right away, was a big mistake.

A Facebook posting of Lily's correspondence as well as the positive return letter from the grocery chain went viral, bringing media attention to the decision to go with Giraffe bread from now on.

The bread which sells for a bit more than $1.00 a loaf develops a pattern of color on top of the unsliced loaf during the baking process. It is the result of rice paste brushed on it just before it hits the oven. For years it was happily likened to a tiger's coat. Not any longer, at least at Sainsbury's.

Robinson's mother and father typed up her observations and mailed them to the grocery store's corporate offices. After consideration, the chain's customer service manager wrote back and decided to cave in.

The Telegraph reported that the letter from Sainbury's read in part, "I think renaming the bread giraffe bread is a brilliant idea - it does look more like the blotches on a giraffe than the stripes on a tiger, doesn't it?

To sweeten the pot a bit, Lily also received a gift certificate worth about $5.00 to use as she and her parents think is best, the next time they shop at Sainbury's.

The grocery company has won over a lot of customers and received plaudits from many corners of the UK for its decision and the way it was handled. It might have taken eight months from Lily's letter to Sainsbury's decision but it all ended well.

Sainbury's accounts for approximately 16% of the British grocery store business and is a company that was founded more than 150 years ago. Its product line has gone beyond food items and the company's website lists home and garden products as well as household electronics, toys and sporting goods.

The first Sainbury's store opened in 1869, on Drury Lane in London. It sold milk butter and eggs, according to the company's corporate bio. Four years later the second storefront opened.

It now has a home delivery service and shoppers can buy online at their leisure. It has dedicated itself to expanding its organic food section and was quick to adopt the reusable bag as a substitute for plastic or even brown paper.

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