Trevin Hunte steals spotlight on The Voice live show

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Cee Lo Green is proud of his team of singers, but one was clearly better than others. On The Voice last night, Trevin Hunte stood out from the pack and should get America's vote to remain in the competition.

Team Cee Lo took the stage in the second night of live performances. Of the five team members, two will get to stay based on public voting that ends this morning.

Cee Lo will save one more out of the remaining five. There should be no doubt that Trevin Hunte moves forward.

Hunte, who looks like he's lost some weight and been styled a bit to look more mature than the 18 year-old who showed up for the blind auditions, rocked the house with the soul classic, "How Am I Supposed To Live Without You?"

Nicholas David

Is there a more odd looking, but smooth sounding singer in the competition? Cee Lo, the master of the odd and soulful coached Nicholas through Barry White's anthem, "You're The First, The Last, My Everything." The judges loved it.

The husband and father was asked by his coach to "get his swagger on." It was a request he was unable to fathom. As the singer said, "I don't know about this swagger thing. I feel like my grandparents....'How do you work this VCR?'"

Cody Belew

Also known as "Bam Bam", after his blind audition when he explained his style to kindred soul Cee Lo, Belew has grown as an artist and took killed a George Michael song, "One More Try".

Comments on social media site Get Glue made it clear that Belew even looked a heck of a lot like the original artist. He didn't go over the top with his vocal rendition but made the audience believe the pain that is inherent in the song.

NBC airs the live results show tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Image: Trevin Hunte, NBC The Voice

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