Tyler Perry asks: Have you seen Terrance Williams?

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Find Our Missing on TV One highlighted the disappearance of two Florida men, a few months apart who were last seen with a former Sheriff's Deputy.

Tyler Perry put his fame to work to help dig up clues about Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos.

TV One's Find Our Missing told the sad story of the two disappearances in its latest episode.

"Everyone watching this should be outraged, completely outraged," said Tyler Perry in the introduction to the show.

Perry has offered a cash reward of $100,000, according to the shows producers, for information that helps solve the cases of Terrance Williams and Felipe Santos.

Both men were picked up after questioning by then Collier County Sheriff Deputy Steven Henry Calkins, and dropped off without incident at a Circle K retail location in Collier County.

Terrance Williams, 27 at the time of his disappearance had been standing next to his white Cadillac after it ceased to operate.

It was mid-January 2004 early in the morning, after Terrance had been at an all-night party.

Felipe Santos disappeared months prior in 2003 after a fender bender with another auto. He was with his brother at the time. He too was placed in the back of Dept. Calkins' cruiser and brought to a Circle K.

Calkins could have cited Terrance for 6 violations including an expired registration and not having a valid license but decided not to.

TV One's account of the disappearance claims that a Circle K employee told authorities that saw seen both Williams and Calkins that morning.

This was the last sighting of Terrance.

Felipe Santos, a 23-year old illegal immigrant from Mexico got into a minor car accident while driving without a license. Dept. Calkins released the other driver and told Felipe's brother to stay put until he returned from driving the young man to the Circle K convenience store.

That was the last sighting of Felipe Santos.

In both cases, Florida authorities began to look at other reasons why these two men could have chosen to disappear on their own.

One was an illegal and Terrance had a court date that week in Chattanooga, Tennessee to deal with late child support payments.

Calkins was investigated for a long time by his department's Dept. of Internal Affairs. He took and passed a lie detector test but as time went on and new facts were discovered, his answers began to contradict each other.

His police cruiser was searched and no evidence of any kind was found that indicated a crime had been committed.

While he lost his job, no charges were ever brought against him. Members of Calkins' own department were willing to go on camera during Find Our Missing to discuss why they believed he was still hiding things.

Both cases were just too eerily similar. Terrance Williams' mother Marcia

Rev. Al Sharpton interviewed Tyler Perry about his outrage and decision to help publicize the cases.

"If we don't bring attention, it could be your child or mine who is next," Sharpton said.

Watch the show at the TV One website and add your voice to those who are seeking answers and digging for clues.

Find Our Missing airs new episodes on TV One on Monday nights at 9:00 p.m. ET. The show is working with The Black and Missing Foundation, I

Image: Tyler Perry c/o TV One Find Our Missing website.

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