'The Voice' battle rounds: unfair song choices by Adam and Cee Lo?

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On "The Voice" last night, more singers were sent home after the second battle round. Were they the correct choices by Adam, Blake, Christina and Cee Lo?

"The Voice" battle rounds were fierce during Monday night's round two, but did the judges set up some of their singers to fail?

Team Adam Levine: Singers Kim Yarborough and Whitney Myer competed against each other and Yarborough came out victorious. Adam Levine picked "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige for the two powerful and soulful women, but from the start it was clear that Whitney believed she was at a disadvantage. She was right and Kim made it through to the elimination rounds.

The song was made for Kim because it is about a sadder but wiser person emerging from what life threw at her. Kim is 50 years -old and experienced with one of the most naturally powerful voices in the competition.

Whitney was counseled by Adam and his guest coach Alannis Morissette and told two things: don't try to overpower Kim and by holding back just a bit, use the uniqueness of your own voice. Morissette also tried to get Whitney to stop obsessing about how to beat Kim and just concentrate on singing her best.

In the end, it didn't work. When Whitney was chosen by Adam during the blind audition round, he told her he believed she had the type of voice that could win the whole competition. Then he pitted her against Kim Yarborough to sing a song that fit Kim to a "T".

Team Cee Lo GreenLo: Juliet Simms was matched against Sara Golden and Cee Lo had them sing the Rod Stewart song, "Stay With Me", tailored to fit Juliet's talents for belting out a song with a gravely quality to her voice that mimicked Rod Stewart's.

Sara, who is capable of some power and force has a voice that Cee Lo called "pure and smooth" which made her task very difficult. Sara was coached by Baby Face alongside Cee Lo and their best advice was similar to that given to Whitney by Alannis Morisette: stay true to yourself and when the song calls for soaring notes, just go for it.

In ended the same way for Sara as it did for Whitney and while Sara did the absolute best job she could, she was no match for the young and brash Juliet Simms.

Team Blake:Shelton The country star chose Lex Land a unique song-stylist to compete with N.J. rocker Charlotte Sometimes. Blake picked the song "Pumped Up Kicks" by Foster The People and told both ladies that he knew it wouldn't be an easy song for them to use as a duet. Video posted below

Lex is a shy and quiet person who was rubbed the wrong way by Charlotte's "in your face" New Jersey style of kidding around. It set her back almost immediately. While Blake brought in his wife and fellow country star Miranda Lambert to coach Lex, it was clear that Lex would need a near miracle to beat Charlotte.

Blake Shelton has been known to pick the more unique and breathy voices among the contestants but this time, he didn't and Charlotte moved along to the live elimination shows.

Team Christina:Aguilera Xtina chose two big voices who excel at R&B to interpret the ever popular "Chain of Fools" by Miss Aretha Franklin. Sera Hill and Geoff McBride went at it in one of the most evenly matched duets of the night. Both were so skilled that guest coaches had only little tweaks to make in their interpretations of the song.

The biggest difference between them was the most obvious. Sera was interpreting a song by Aretha that she could slip right into with her attitude and body language.

While Geoff's voice quality was a great fit, he had to try harder to out-Aretha Sera Hill. He was the choice of Adam Levine and Cee Lo when the judges were asked who they'd pick if it were their decision. Christina, with regret had to send Geoff home and Sera Hill moved along to the next round.

The question many fans are asking today is whether or not the judges chose songs that favored one singer over another in a way that wasn't fair. Leave comments with your impression of the second night of the battle rounds.


Submitted by diamondlove (not verified) on
I knew this show was to good to be true! last year was above & beyond what a show like this can be. But, like typical rating greedy hungry Idol-they do this. They purposely pit the top singers against one another. Why? You all should have stayed on track on ended up with the best singers at the end. Instead you got rid of half of the best singers. Such a shame, PS The Chin(charolette your name sucks to,old lady name)-from Jersey is a self rightgeous bitch who can't sing at all becuase her internal ugliness defeats any possibility of greatness-screw you Jersey, I hope you fall flat on your face -I will make it my mission to vote against you every time you sing

Submitted by Fife (not verified) on
I'm also disappointed at the song choices as well as the judges' decisions. I'm a big fan of Johnny Cash was excited about Jamie Lono's rendition of Folsom Prison Blues. Instead of singing a macho song, he was set up to sing a sensitive, vulnerable love song. Next season, when more than one chair turns during the blind auditions, I hope the contestants will consider: [1] Pick Adam if you want to be given a song that considers your strengths and if you want to be judged on your voice; [2] Pick Christina if you want to be judged on your R&B trendiness and your ability to sing loud (aka "powerhouse singer"); [3] Choose Blake if you want to be judged on the uniqueness of your voice and your vocal/physical sexiness; and [4] choose Cee Lo if you want to be humiliated on national television (and laughed at after you sing the song he chose for you).

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