The Voice, Christina goes all 'woman power' for Alessandra Guercio

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The battle rounds moved along on Tuesday night until we watched Christina Aguilera strike a blow for women. She saved Alessandro Guercio after she lost her duet battle on Team Adam.

Team Adam paired two strong female voices when he chose Alessandro Guercio to sing against Kayla Nevarez. Both girls, 17 years old had their issues to overcome.

Kayla had three judges turn around to claim her in the audition phase and over the strong pleading of Christina Aguilera chose Adam. But it was her ballsy statement afterwards that stuck with Levine.

Kayla leaned into him as they hugged and said, "And now, we better win this thing". Whoa! So overconfidence was pointed to by Adam as something she would need to curb as she moved along in her career, particularly since she could get a bit pitchy at times.

Alessandra has a trained voice as a result of attending a performing arts high school in New York City. She suffers from fear of imperfection, so much so that coach Mary J. Blige noted, "Alessandra is imprisoned by being perfect. If she would just stop thinking about everything.....Kayla would be in trouble."

After they performed a Katy Perry song, "Wide Awake", Adam chose Kayla. He told Alessandra, "Vocally, you still sounded a bit trained but the performance in total was good. You must find some way to feel confident about how good you are."

That's all Christina Aguilera had to hear. Post-performance she had commented that at Alessandra's age of 17 she was very advanced in her vocal abilities, particularly producing gritty, guttural tones.

Xtina saw a woman in need up there on the stage after Kayla had exulted in her victory. Aguilera "stole" Alessandra for her team but not before an oration about how she was touched by Adam's evaluation of her having little confidence.

"I was forced to play the rules too and didn't like it. I deserved to be my own person and you deserve that too. No woman should feel less than confident with your talent.."

So welcome home Alessandra, you are with a woman who knows confidence and insists on displaying it at all times. Image: Wikimedia Commons

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