'The Voice' elimination: did Adam Levine's break up affect him?

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"The Voice" elimination show saw two singers from Team Adam and Team Cee Lo leave the show after failing to win over America or their leaders.

Eliminated from the competition on The Voice were Erin Martin and Tony Vincent from Team Cee Lo and Kim Yarborough and Karla Davis from Team Adam Levine. They didn't win America's heart nor that of their team leaders after all was said and done.

"Saved" by the public voting were James Massone, Jamar Rogers and Juliet Simms from Team Cee Lo Green. From Team Adam Tony Lucca, Pip and Mathai remained in the competition.

It was not unexpected that Juliet Simms was among the top vote-getters after her show-stealing performance on Monday's live show of "Roxanne" by The Police. Watch that here. James Massone and Jamar Rogers were also not surprisingly at the top of the voting totals for Team Cee Lo.

Because no one stood out by a wide margin from Team Adam after Monday's show, it was difficult to predict who America would vote for. Both Pip and Tony Lucca had gotten mediocre to bad comments from the celebrity team leaders after singing on Monday. Much of the criticism, constructive as it was, was aimed at the style and song choice which were said not to have complimented their talents. American disagreed.

After that was announced at the top of the show, the remaining six singers from both teams got to "sing for their lives" in an effort to sway their team leaders to pick them to remain in the competition. Only one from each team would survive.

After singing their final number chosen by them and performed without the big production numbers staged on Monday's live performance show, Adam Levine chose Katrina Parker and Cee Lo Green picked Cheesa to stick around for next week.

Adam Levine, in commenting on the three Team Cee Lo members after they completed their songs, said it was the first time he had heard a sense of urgency from them and warned them that the level of effort was necessary for anyone who intended to win the entire competition.

It might have been meant to help the singers in their future endeavors but it was a bit difficult to be told that they had failed to give 100% of their effort during Monday's performances.

Christina Aguilera, whose team had been whittled down the previous week agreed and had some remarks about the Team Adam competitors prior to Levine making his final choice for Katrina.

She noted that the contestants had sounded more comfortable and true to their own talents because they carefully chose songs that allowed them to shine, intimating that it hadn't been the case the prior night. On Monday night's show, many of the other team leaders' critiques of Adam's singers centered on the song choices.

That would be the responsibility of the team leader who is seen in video clips, coaching their singers along to get the best performance out of them. The song choice for the live performance show is more often than not, made by the team leader although the contestants can lobby for their pick, but it is up to the professional in the room to judge whether it is a good choice.

Adam Levine's song-picking gene did not click for his team members this season. Having produced the ultimate winner in Javier Colon during the show's first go-round on television, Levine had been cocky about using that fact to entice singers to choose him after the blind audition numbers.

While Kim Yarborough and Karla Davis from Levine's team did not measure up on both Monday or last night, different song choices might have helped them win votes from the public, keeping them from having to try and woo Adam to pick one from among the final three contestants.

On Monday and again yesterday, Internet reports about Levine's break up with his girlfriend of two years were making the rounds. A source close to the Maroon 5 singer, told Perez Hilton that Adam was blindsided by the lady in question. Can we attribute that to his inability to help his singers shine? Image: Wikimedia Commons

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