The Voice, Michaela and Adrianna not in Top Ten

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The top ten artists were chosen by America's vote and announced on The Voice live results show. Two singers went home. Were they worthy of staying in the competition?

The Voice reduced its number of contestants by two on Tuesday night in a one-hour live show.

Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green performed with their team members and to kick off the hour, Christina Aguilera debuted her new single, Make The World Move, with Cee Lo Green along for the ride.

There is much that can be said about Aguilera's staging of the song and her costume, but what is the point? See video posted below.

The woman is theatrical and the outfit she wore seemed like a cross between Marie Antoinette in her undies and a Vegas show girl. Hey, whatever works for Xtina, right?

The real business of The Voice last night was to announce the top ten and say goodbye to two singers we have come to know.

Who got to stay:

Team Adam Levine: His entire team sailed through to the Top Ten: Bryan Keith, Amanda Brown and Melanie Martinez

Team Cee Lo: Green's threesome remained intact as well with Nicholas David, Trevin Hunte and Cody Belew snagging America's votes.

Team Xtina: Sylvia Lacoub and Dez Duron move on in the competition.

Team Blake Shelton: Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott grabbed enough votes to move on to the Top Ten.

Who didn't make it

Michaela "Mohawk" Paige: Blake Shelton chose to save her in the previous round when he had to make a cut over country singer Liz Davis and Julio Castillo. Paige's style is punk-rock on the outside but on the inside there is a lot of pop singer in her. Without a strong style she didn't get past the test of who America liked best.

Adrianna Louise
was one of Christina's favorites from the start but couldn't distinguish herself. It didn't help that her teammate Sylvia Lacoub knocked it out of the park in this week's live round. Louise is a waitress by trade, but expect to hear about her singing career after this.

The Top Ten have unique qualities in their voices and amazing stage presence. They broke through the clutter to engage America to vote. Michaela and Adrianna did their best, but it was not enough.

The Voice airs performance shows on Monday night and results shows on Tuesday night, beginning at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT Image: NBC/The Voice



Submitted by Sterling Riggins (not verified) on
I’m usually not a fan of the results shows, but last night’s episode was pretty entertaining. I think America made the right decision in the end, but all my officemates at DISH were sad to see Michaela and Adriana go home. I can’t wait to see how the remaining 10 contestants do next week. I have class on weeknights though, so I’ll be catching up on The Voice using Prime Time Anytime on my DISH Hopper. My DVR automatically records all the prime time shows on the four major networks for me. Next week will be a lot fun to watch, and I hope America continues to make the correct decisions.

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