The Voice playoffs, Team Adam: who should America pick?

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Team Adam Levine's five singers got up and sang for their competition lives Monday night on The Voice. NBC's hit airs three shows this week, giving American a chance to vote for their favorites.

The playoff rules for the live performance shows dictate that after a team has performed, America votes for who it wants to stay, with winners announced Thursday night during the live results show. Read: Team Blake's top three

After votes are tabulated, two of the five team members will have been saved by the public with the team leader holding one "save" for another singer.

Who deserved to stay on from Team Adam?

Amanda Brown

The backup singer with the pure and soulful voice has grown in confidence and riskier in song choices throughout the competition.

During her live performance on Monday night, she rightly closed the two-hour show and earned the second standing ovation of the night.

Singing the rock anthem, "Dream On" by Aerosmith, Brown hit all the screechy high notes made famous by Steven Tyler while powerfully executing the melodic parts of the song.

Her confidence, stage presence and vocal rendition resulted in what coach Adam Levin called the best performance of the night. All judges agreed.

Melanie Martinez

The sweet quirky young lady with the two-tone hair and a lounge singer vocal ability turned in a brave performance of "Hit The Road Jack."

Taking the tune and turning it into a smoky and sultry version of the Ray Charles classic, Martinez never wavered in her vision of what the song should be. It was a huge risk but took Martinez out of the cartoon character category into a very grown-up woman singing in a come-hither style.

She got nothing but praise, except from Xtina who had to point out that early nerves gave her pitch problems.

Bryan Keith

To some, Keith's cool and effortless style doesn't translate into a winner. His lack of histrionics, vocal runs and tricks leaves some flat. Not so the judges or his team leader Adam Levine.

Singing The Goo Goo Dolls' classic "Iris", he reached the audience with longing that was not over-the-top. His voice has a low gravelly quality when needed and strength to hold his notes for however long he needs.

What Keith might need is a clothing makeover to take him to the next step. Similar to last season's Team Adam finalist Tony Lucca, when the hat and hipster black come off and a sophisticated and styled singer emerges, the voice and appearance will mesh.

Team Adam's other two singers, Loren Allred and Joselyn Rivera may have their fans, but in this fan's opinion, they can't overcome the quality of the other three.

The Voice airs another live performance show on NBC Wednesday night with a live results program on Thursday night. Image: Amanda Brown: The Voice, NBC

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