'The Voice' quarters: 'Payphone' by Maroon 5 - Wiz Khalifa single debuts

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The Voice is live again tonight, Monday for the first of the quarter-final challenges with a special performance of Payphone, the new single from Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa

UPDATE---Tuesday April 17------After last night's live performances, in a new twist on the format of The Voice, the coaches had to eliminate one of their own team members, even before America got to vote. Those results will be announced tonight. Jordis Unga was told goodbye by Blake Shelton and Jesse Campbell was booted by Christina Aguilera. Details, here.

UPDATE: ----- Monday April 16---2:36 p.m. ET-----The new single from Maroon 5 with rapper Wiz Khalifa along for the ride dropped today. Payphone will have its national television debut tonight on The Voice as Adam Levine takes the stage with his award winning group. Link to audio file posted below. Original story follows:
The Voice has added a new twist for this latest season's show format. Not only will the four remaining contestants from each team perform live but one unlucky singer will be eliminated on the spot, rather than wait for the results show Tuesday. Tonight, Team Blake Shelton and Team Christina Aguilera will sing and wait for their fate to be determined.

During the previous two weeks of the live elimination rounds, singers have performed on Monday night and then America got to vote. The top three vote-getters on each team were saved to try and capture the ultimate prize and be The Voice.

That left three other contestants who got the chance on Tuesday night to sing one more time for their coaches. It was up to Cee Lo, Adam, Blake and Xtina to say goodbye to one of them.

As painful as that might have been for the team leaders and the singers, tonight's instant elimination can only ramp up the angst of all concerned.

But to spice it all up, live performances by the team leaders are on tap. There had been more of them in season one and many fans of the show thought that it was one of the main reasons that The Voice distinguished itself in a good way, from other singing competition television shows.

The Hollywood Reporter got the scoop on the stars who will grace the stage tonight. "...Aguilera and Shelton performing with their teams; Levine and his band Maroon 5 performing their single, “Pay Phone,” featuring Wiz Khalifa; the world premiere of a clip from Justin Bieber’s music video for “Boyfriend”; and The Wanted will perform with Team Blake."

As the show winds its way to crowing a new champ, singers who have been eliminated have had something to say. For the elimination rounds this season, it has been noted that some of the song choices might not have put the singers in the best light to gain support for them.

It began as early as battle rounds when team leaders asked two singers from their team to compete against each other, while singing a tune chosen for them. Adam Levine pitted Kim Yarborough vs. Whitney Meyer, asking them to sing "No More Drama" by Mary J. Blige for the two powerful and soulful women, but from the start it was clear that Whitney believed she was at a disadvantage. She was right and Kim made it through to the elimination rounds. Read the full story, here.

Cee Lo Green had Juliet Simms matched against Sara Golden to sing the Rod Stewart song, "Stay With Me", tailored to fit Juliet's talents for belting out a song with a gravely quality to her voice that mimicked Rod Stewart's.

Even Blake Shelton fell into the trap and that trend continued into the live elimination shows when singers again had to leave the choice up to their coaches, unless they lobbied long and hard for a different song.

One of Cee Lo's team members, Erin Martin spoke on the record about what she believed had been her downfall: singing "Walk Like An Egyptian" in full Cleopatra-like garb.

Erin bemoaned the choice and said that the her song choice were the best because, ":those were when I had control, when I gave control to someone else, they kinda screwed it up." Ouch for Cee Lo.

The Voice's quarter-final rounds begin tonight at 8:00 p.m. on NBC with the results show airing Tuesday at 9:00 p.m.

Image credit: Wikimedia Commons Listen to Payphone, the latest single from Maroon 5 with Wiz Khalifa

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