The Voice semis: Watch Cassadee and Terry shine, Trevin vulnerable?

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The Voice semi-finals show ran for only one hour on Monday night but it was enough to determine that Team Blake's Cassadee Pope and Terry McDermott are the two to beat.

The Voice final four were sent back home to family friends and fans last week.

Each got to perform at a designated spot and receive recognition from their city officials.

Trevin Hunte got to visit his high school and tell students about the teacher that told him he wouldn't amount to anything. He was cheered in the gymnasium and inspired kids who knew how important his story and lesson was.

The emotions spilled over into his performance on Monday night, singing one of the most touching songs of the last few decades, "Wind Beneath My Wings."

Everyone has a memory of when they heard that song the first time and what it came to mean to them. Adam Levine told Trevin after his performance that he had thought of him bringing the house down with that tune and of course he did.

Nonetheless, Trevin's voice was shaky and "pitchy" at key moments and while it was beautifully staged and heartfelt, it was not his best performance. It came at a critical time because his fellow semi-finalists seemed to be more up to the task.

Terry McDermott was given the honor of placing personal items in the display cases at the local Hard Rock Cafe' in his adopted town of New Orleans.

McDermott fashioned a soaring and beautiful arrangement of Paul McCartney's classic, "Let It Be". His upper range was clear and his interpretation didn't stray too far from the original, but he nailed it. Blake was mesmerized watching his team member bring down the house as the final act of the night.

Nicholas David performed at the Mall of America in Minnesota and more importantly, accompanied his wife to a doctor's appointment. The couple are expecting another baby and Nick spent emotional moments watching the image of his child on the screen during an ultrasound.

Nick, who got an amazing styling job on himself ---- hair cut, style and trimmed beard --- was also clothed in new duds that coach CeeLo Green admired with a big grin. The bluesy, soul singer crooned "You Are So Beautiful", to his wife and kids who were in the audience last night.

He was so emotional that he needed a chair to steady himself as he the judges critiqued his performance.

Cassadee Pope was met by cheering throngs in West Palm Beach, Florida and reacquainted herself with a stage on which she performed as part of a band. She noted a big difference with her now being a solo performer and a national sensation.

Ms. Pope was glamorous and in clear and full voice during her performance of Keith Urban's country tune, "Stupid Boy" Blake Shelton felt he needed to defend his choice of country songs for Cassadee.

He did so by telling America that Ms. Pope is one of the best he's heard at connecting to strong lyrics and country tunes embody some of the best and emotional storylines in music. She soared through the song and made you believe she had lived through the situation Urban described.

Cassadee and Terry were spot on last night. Nicholas David gave a brave and wonderful performance, but not as clearly exceptional as Team Blake's two.

Trevin Hunte stumbled a bit in his song last night and since one person will leave tonight prior to the final show next week, it might have to be him.

The Voice airs its results show tonight, Tuesday at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT when the contestants are narrowed to the final three. Image: NBC/The Voice

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