The Voice shocker: Blake eliminates country music singer Liz Davis

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America voted this week and two members of each team were eliminated last night on The Voice. Blake Shelton had the opportunity to save Liz Davis and didn't. Why?

On The Voice live elimination show Thursday night, shocking decisions were made by the coaches in a position to save one of three singers on each of their teams.

America voted for their top two on each team. Then it was up to Adam Levine, Christina Aguilera, Cee Lo Green and Blake Shelton to pick one of the remaining three singers.

Who got to stay and who was sent home::

Team Adam Levine: Amanda Brown and Bryan Keith got the public's votes. Levine chose Melanie Martinez, she of the two-tone hair over Loren Allred and Joslyn Rivera. Not a big surprise there.

Team Cee Lo Green: Trevin Hunte and Nicholas David were America's choices. Cee Lo decided to save Cody "Bam Bam" Belew, sending home Mackenzie Bourg and Diego Val. The only shocker was America's choice of Nicholas David. Bam Bam was chosen by Cee Lo based on his belief that Belew showed the most progress during the contest.

Team Christina Aguilera: Dez Duron and Syliva Yacoub were America's darlings. Aguilera then chose Adrianna Louise over De'Beorah and Devyn DeLoera. Not too much to scratch your head about on that one.

Team Blake Shelton
: The public voted to keep Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope. Then came Blake's big moment.

Having said on numerous occasions that it was his intention to get a country singer in position to win the whole enchilada, Shelton picked Mohawk-sporting Michaela Paige.

In announcing the decision the newly crowned Entertainer of the Year at the CMA awards, hemmed and hawed. He looks sheepish in the video posted below as he let down the two singers who represented different genres: Latino Julio Cesar Castillo and Liz Davis.

"I want everyone to know that each one standing here...did everything I asked of them. And I think each one of you could go on to win this thing. I'm just kinda' left with where my heart is and which one of you...... I hate this. I gotta go with my heart and emotion. I've got to pick Michaela."

In this heart, Blake Shelton couldn't stay with his roots. He also couldn't take a risk with Julio. Yet only a week ago Shelton denigrated Team Christina by saying that she had five singers who all had the same sound. He wanted his team to represent all different music genres.

You tell me if you think he made the right choice. NBC continues live performance and elimination shows next week. Image: Liz Davis, NBC, The Voice -


Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have to disagree with Blake. Liz Davis is pretty awesome. Can you tell the people what she's doing now?

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I have to disagree with Blake. Liz Davis is pretty awesome. Can you tell the people what she's doing now?

a few nights ago. Not sure she's had any time to make plans, but then again, the commenter below seems to know a lot.

account. Looks like she's having a chat for fans coming up in a few minutes, just in case you come back here for info. Her screen name is @lizdavismusic

Submitted by MJPazel (not verified) on
Blake Shelton absolutely picked right. Nashville alone could have saved Liz but her scandalous behavior precede s her and she is NOT a country girl with morals. She is now saying that Miranda Lambert is very very JEALOUS of her which is why Blake let her go. Excuse me, but what would Miranda be jealous OF! Her fake boobs or her hair extensions or her nasal shouting. She is very one dimensional and mire arrogant than Napolean ever could have been. Good call Blake!!!

Well thanks so much for that scoop. She won't get anywhere by dissing the reigning queen Miranda Lambert.

Submitted by MJPazel (not verified) on
Look. I worked at the club that Liz's boyfriend owns. Every musician in Nashville including the sheltons have performed there one time or another. I've been there when liz comes in like she owns the joint. She gets a couple shots n starts badmouthing everyone. How do u think she got on the Voice?? Her old vocal coach from Starmaker put her through right away! (she says "Romeo" had a crush on her) Liz is a pretty girl witha just OK voice but she is very narcissistic. And has been around the block more than once. Funniest lie she told though is that she is a country girl. Haha. Not. She has NEVEr lived in the country n I doubt if she knows what side to get on a horse. City girl to the core. She passed her voice around saying she was gonna sing MirLambert songs to Blake because she can sing them "better than Miranda". I have good friends who lived in the same hi-tower w LiZ. Oh!!! The stories THEY told of her were shocking. No label wants to spend $$$ like that on someone w that kind of rep. Diddy ain't stupid. He wanted nothing to do w her n told her that threw HER MANAGER Johnny Wright. Why do u they didn't get sued? ;)

Submitted by MJPazel (not verified) on
I found out from one of Liz's "friends" (she doesnt have many)the name of her VOICE preliminary judge who lives in LA and who just happened to be Liz Davis's " vocal Coach" on Diddys Starmaker. Black dude named Romeo Johnson. So he pushes Liz through to the finals on the VOICE??? He has a crush on her??? HOW IS THIS FAIR??? OR ETHICAL?? She even knew Mark Burnette who produced both shows. And she just happens to be the ONLY COUNTRY SINGER who made it through. Come on now. There are hundreds of better singers here in Nashville who aren't totally stuck on themselves and who can really sing. A lot better than Liz Davis. Shame on them. She should have NEVER been on that show. All rigged. Just like all if them. And now she's back in Nashville bashing Miranda Lambert and all the other contestants. We are all sick of the egomaniac Liz Davis here in Nashville. Go home to your house in the Mississippi CITY you are really from.

Submitted by Marcus (not verified) on
Excuse me, but Liz Davis never said anything but nice words about Miranda Lambert. Seems there's some troublemakers on here spreading falsehoods. Look, as a fan of Liz Davis' don't hate the woman over her looks. Her teammates all seemed to love her and remained friends. So your falsehoods about her 'character' have no logic to them. Sad people lie on the internet.

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
I figured Character had a lot to do with it. I even bet he prefers Julio over the country singer. That is Blake Shelton knows his contestants personally and I have absolute faith in his judge of character and when he said he had to go with his heart it made sense. They all have talent we get to see and hear but Blake see's their star quality in rehearsals and personal conversations. Good Call Blake! America trusts your judgement.


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