The Voice, who goes next as top 12 perform live?

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The Voice resumes tonight with a two-hour live show and the remaining 12 singers will once again perform, hoping they get to the next round of the competition.

NBC returns to the two night-per week format for its top rated show, The Voice.

Last week, two people from each team were eliminated in a stunning results show that left everyone breathless and some sadder than others.

Who is left?

Team Adam Levine: Amanda Brown, Melanie Martinez and Bryan Keith were chosen either by America or Levine. It's not too hard to determine who most of us would choose as the best singer in the bunch. Catch a quick video look at Brown's performance.

When Amanda Brown sang Aerosmith's "Dream On" the crowd and judges rose as one to praise her. She got America's votes and it's hard to see that the sweet, quirky Melanie Martinez or Bryan Keith could be put ahead of her this week.

This week's eliminated contestant will be Melanie Martinez. What do you think?

Team Blake Shelton:
Michaela Paige is still competing along with Terry McDermott and Cassadee Pope. Each has downsides and upsides. Michaela has a strong voice with a lot of range. She sings with emotion and of course, there's the Mohawk and clothes and Blake saved her over country singer Liz Davis.

Terry McDermott has a pure, mature voice for rock, and Blake has praised him consistently. The Scottish rocker has a natural stage presence and doesn't need to resort to theatrics to get his point across to an audience. Cassadee Pope is top 10 ready with her experience as a pop group lead singer. She also has the look of the new America's darling.

This week's eliminated contestant will be Michaela Paige. Tell me how you feel.

Team Cee Lo Green: Cody Belew is that interesting blend of a singer with style who possesses a voice that translates across genres. Cee Lo chose him to save over two others on the team. Nicholas Davis, the bearded, thirty-ish soul singer was one of America's choices and it was a stunning development. He is perfect for Cee Lo.

His voice can't be defined and he makes each song his own, no matter what it is. Then there's the teen sensation Trevin Hunte, who has developed a real style and stage presence to go along with the biggest and more pure voice on Team Cee Lo. He also got America's vote. Check out the top three from Team Cee Lo, here.

This week's eliminated contestant will be Cody Belew. What do you think?

Team Christina Aguilera:
Xtina saved Adrianna Louise, who she has consistently told us has a real connection with her. The heartthrob known as Dez Duron not only has a ready made showbiz name, but a look and pop voice that most ladies are already dieing for. He was one of America's choices.

The other was Egyptian born Sylvia Lacoub who took a big risk by sitting behind a piano to sing Katy Perry's "The One That Got Away". It worked for her and demonstrated yet another facet to her talent. Watch Dez rock the house, here.

This week's eliminated contestant will be: Adrianna Louise

Ok, fans of The Voice, sound off in the comments section below.


Submitted by Libertystarfire (not verified) on
I agree with all the picks. The finals should be Terry, Nick and Bryan. Can't understand how Dez has made it this far. The winner should be Nick but it will be Terry or Bryan. Of those two I pick Terry.

In this piece I predicted that Melanie Martinez and Cody would go and I was wrong. That was when I thought that each team would lose someone. But among the rest of those that made the Top Ten I think they are the weakest. This new format is great, It puts importance on preparing the singers if the judges want to say they had the ultimate winner.

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