The Voice, who rocked playoffs from Team Xtina?

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The first live results show tonight on The Voice will eliminate two of the five singers on each team. Last night Christina Aguilera's team performed and there were a few standouts.

The Voice's second two-hour live performance show didn't dazzle.

Teams Cee Lo and Christina's singers didn't have the same pop we saw when Blake Shelton and Adam Levine's team members performed on Monday night.

There were three or four who should have gained enough attention to sway America to vote for the, and we'll find that out tonight.

The judges began to realize they will be forced to choose only one singer to stay in the competition along with two saved by the public.

Christina Aguilera shared that she had spent the previous night with her team. She welcomed them to her home for a private, a/k/a no cameras affair. It will be the last time they spend together as a group and Xtina was already getting a bit sad.

Then her singers took the stage. Here are my bets for who stays and who goes tonight.

Dez Duron

The young man put it all together with a "Wanted" by Hunter Hayes, country song he infused with Dez-Style. His look, stage presence and vocal ability filled the stage and he got raves from all the coaches.

The ladies in the audience could not be quieted down without a lot of pleading. He should cruise through to the next round.


The unique style continued to help her stand out on a night that others on her team underwhelmed. As Cee Lo said to her after the performance, De"Borah makes you feel the pain and emotion in her lyrics and you believe in her.

Singing "Who Knew" by Pink, a change of pace for her, the Chicago artist did enough to justify America's vote.

Sylvia Lacoub

Demonstrating a bit of a softer side, Sylvia accompanied herself on the piano where she remained throughout the entire rendition of "The One Who Got Away", by Katy Perry.

Lacoub was still able to belt out lyrics when appropriate and the judges noted that. Cee Lo was particularly appreciative of her ability to sell the song while seated the entire time.

Adriana Louise and Devyn De Loera didn't achieve anything close to their previous performances and while they gave it their all, they seemed to fall flat when compared to the others.

NBC's The Voice will air its first live results show tonight at 8:00 p.m. ET/PT. Maroon 5 will perform as will last season's winner, Jermaine Paul who will debut his first single. Image: Dez Duron, NBC The Voice

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