Watch: Beckham in Samsung Olympic ad for Galaxy Note

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David Beckham was tapped by Samsung to hype its Galaxy Note product in an ad set to run at the 2012 London Olympics. It is a bit of a departure from the typical product driven ad.

David Beckham lit the first London 2012 Olympic Torch with the Flame today as it now begins its journey to the site of the London Olympic games. It occurred on an airport tarmac in Cornwall after the Torch arrived from Greece.

The trip to the Olympics is expected to be an 8,000-mile (12,875-kilometre) journey around Britain, with a detour to also visit the Irish capital Dublin. It will culminate in the flame being brought to the Olympic Stadium for the opening of the Games on July 27.

Beckham was chosen as one of one of the faces of the company's Olympic involvement and he certainly is a recognizable face.

Rather than play around with the Galaxy Note, which he does only for two brief moments in the beginning and towards the end of the commercial, Beckham is instructed how to perform for the camera while a creative type demonstrates it on the device. Using the Galaxy Note's software, the commercial director draws on the face of a photo of the drums to demonstrate to Becks where he wants the balls to go and in what progression.

Then David Beckham does what he is best known for, bending a soccer ball to his will. Samsung has set rows of drums, hung on their sides to expose the drum skins.

As the ball goes into the skins via his foot, head, neck, chest, etc. the sound of "Ode to Joy" can be heard building in volume. At the end, Beckham is so happy with what he did that he autographs the photo and immediately posts it to Facebook. Enjoy. Image: Samsung Galaxy Facebook site.

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