Weight Watchers announces changes to PointsPlus® for 2012

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Weight Watchers is teasing a few tweaks to its weight-loss program for the new year. It promises that the news will be exciting and make its PointsPlus® program even better.

The company has been gathering comments and suggestions from its members and meeting leaders about the PointsPlus® program, which it says has been one of its most successful program launches in its history.

The idea behind PointsPlus is to measure the fat, carbohydrate and protein calories consumed daily and reduce each item of food to a number of points. Members are to consume up to 29 points a day with an extra 49 points used throughout the week as desired.

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Tracking the accumulation of points is one of the keys to success, as it assists members to plan ahead from breakfast to dinner or to save points for a special night out.

One of the biggest changes Weight Watchers made when it rolled out the PointsPlus program was to reduce the points values on most fruits and vegetables to zero.

An average portion of non-starchy vegetables doesn't add to one's daily total, helping members eat what's nutritious without having to sacrifice points in the process.

The new program also put a new emphasis on exercise as a way to gain more points per day by creating a category called "Activity Points". Weight Watchers encourages members to participate in locally sponsored races, both walking and running.

In many communities across the country, you'll find a Weight Watchers team of people engaging in 5k and 10k races as well as marathons. The changes to be announced for 2012 include a refinement of the tracking process as well as more ways to convince sedentary members to get out and move.

On its member website, it announced a few quick facts about what will be new, commencing January 1, 2012. "You’ll have more flexibility in how you use your PointsPlus budget. You’ll also be able to take a break from tracking for a day or more, and whether you’re just starting to exercise or already have a routine; you’ll get a personalized activity goal and ideas for achieving it."

There will be enhancements to Weight Watchers online "E-Tools" that make it easier to find recipes, add comments and edits to recipes already online and discover tips to help manage long term weight loss goals.

The price of membership is changing a bit as well. Weekly rates, paid prior to a meeting will rise to $13.00, while a monthly pass, automatically billed to a member's credit card will increase slightly to approximately $9.22 a week.

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