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Whale Wars' Paul Watson on the run without passport

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Despite Whale Wars being between seasons, there is plenty of drama surrounding the Sea Shepherd Captain Paul Watson. Japan has entered the fray to win the prize of prosecuting him.

Unfortunately for fans of Animal Planet's Whale Wars there are no cameras filming Paul Watson's latest attempt to avoid extradition from Germany to Costa Rica where he faces ten-year old criminal charges. confirmed news that Paul Watson skipped out on his bail. His attorney alerted the organization about his flight. The background on Costa Rica's beef is summarized here.

"I received confirmation today from Germany’s General Public Prosecutor that Japan filed an extradition request against Paul Watson on July 19th,” said Oliver Wallasch, lead German Counsel for Captain Paul Watson.

Update: Watson rumored to be under protection of Ecuador as Interpol raises the stakes.

“Germany was proceeding with Captain Watson’s extradition to Costa Rica and, once there, there is no doubt he would have been delivered into Japanese custody,” said Susan Hartland, Administrative Director for Sea Shepherd. “Upon being extradited to Japan, he would not have received a fair trial and would never have seen the outside of a prison again,” she added.

No one has confirmed whether Costa Rica will defer to the Japanese desire to put an end to Paul Watson's adventures for good, but you can't beat this for a great guessing game.

Paul Watson had to forfeit the reported $300,000 bail posted for him and leave his passport behind. How many countries will help him slip through their borders without one? A day of protest was set up for July 20 to raise awareness about his plight, but jumping bail was not on the agenda until a few days later.

It all started according to Sea Shepherd when Watson learned of the last minute maneuver by Japan. The request went to Germany to allow the Japanese to negotiate with Costa Rica for rights to Watson. His flight came quickly thereafter.

For NBA fans, it smacks of trading activity between two teams when a third team gets involved to facilitate moving a top notch player to one of the others. In this negotiation no one else is going back to the one country that loses the chance to skewer Watson.

However, there is plenty of bluster coming from Sea Shepherd about replacing Capt. Watson and continuing the real whale wars in the Southern Pacific Ocean.

Administrative Director Susan Hartland has said as much in a statement on the organization's website. It won't stop the ships from attempting to thwart efforts to kill whales, despite Japan's protests that they are conducting scientific research.

Critics of Capt. Watson say that he has yet to face justice for attacks on the high seas and that he demonstrates cowardice for doing so. He should be willing to be jailed for his cause they argue.

With Sea Shepherd's assurance that the fight will go on with or without Paul Watson, his flight from Germany looks like it is more about his individual fight against what he considers an illegal prosecution, rather than about making Japan cease prohibited whaling activities.

Image: Wikimedia Commons/David w ng


Submitted by Vincent Burke (not verified) on
You might want to read back over my comments Sherlock...I have sailed in Antarctica for the last three years, Pete Bethune was my quartermaster when he was preparing to board the SM2 and 'arrest' its get to know someone pretty well doing 2 watches a day with them...its YOU who is thin on the facts. As I said, people like you NEVER make a difference on the couch...that's not abusive, just statin' the truth brother....anyways, enough said, Im getting sick of you.

Submitted by Leonard Greene (not verified) on
You might want to reread your own comments Sherlock. You WEREN'T on the Ady Gil, where you? So all you have to go on is hearsay. While the investigators had electronics records and the hearsay. And it is not like Peter Bethune didn't have a reason to try and downplay any mistakes on his part. Oh and then there are Peter's words after Paul Watson threw him under the bus. And people like you who are so sure they are right despite the facts just run away when they are proven wrong. it is really kind of sad. They believe they are so smart, yet they are deluding themselves. Of course you have lots of practice being deluded.

Submitted by Vincent Burke (not verified) on
I dont run away Troll...I will be back on the water, fucking up the whaling fleet with 100 other good people while you sit at home sucking whatever you types suck are the classic armchair expert stupid enough to tell me I wasnt are a serious fraud Leonard...and quite irrelevant in the scheme of things.winterrowd, emnyouri

Submitted by Leonard Greene (not verified) on
I didn't tell you you weren't there idiot. Learn to read English. I repeated what you youself claim, which was that you weren't on the Ady Gil. You didn't crew with Peter until after the collision. So you have no better information than I do, except you refuse to believe statements by the Ady Gil's own crewmen and the electronic records turned over by the SSCS. Mighty thick pair of blinders there mister. You also have no idea what I do and what causes I spend my time dealing with. Because I don't have such a big ego that I feel it necessary to trumpet my actions in an attempt to pump myself up. I know myself what I do to help the planet and that is all that matters. So go back to sea with your fellow cult members. Strengthen Japanese resolve to keep whaling. Pump more carbon into our atmosphere for little if any real effect. At least you will inflate your ego a few more psi.

Submitted by Vincent Burke (not verified) on
Perhaps its time for you to let us all know who you are and what you do profile is public of FB, Im an Australian citizen, a Melbourne violinmaker, a SSCS bridge officer and have a long history working for the protection of Australian native forests and 5 years working with SSCS in the Antarctic whale its YOUR turn...tells us Leonard.

Submitted by Leonard Greene (not verified) on
You missed something in your bio. You have an inability to understand English.

Submitted by Dave777 (not verified) on
I watched the video of the japs running the andy gal many times and its so obvious that the japs tried to kill them.The captain should be in jail for attemped murder,assault,destruction of property.that is the reality.

Submitted by Leonard Greene (not verified) on
You mean the video from another moving ship so your frame of reference gives a false sense of what is actually happening? You mean the same video the investigators had, along with the electronic records of ships speed and direction plus the radar data?

Submitted by Leonard Greene (not verified) on
Try getting your facts straight Vincent. The neutral investigation of the Ady Gil collision found that based on the facts the Ady Gil itself was equally responsible for the collision and the Japanese Captain didn't 'line-up' anybody. The Japanese also didn't fail to respond. The SSCS's own pictures show the Shonan Maru standing by ready to help.

Submitted by DaleWormheart3 (not verified) on
Japan would go broke if they put Paul Watson in their prison, Theres not enough whale blubber to feed that fatboy


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