Wicked Tuna captains cheat to survive in 'The Numbers War'

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The Nat Geo Wicked Tuna crews broke the fisherman's code and moved each other off their "numbers" to catch tuna and make money for their families.

The Wicked Tuna leaderboard changed once again after week three of Nat Geo's reality show.

Despite Capt. Dave Carraro's F-V Tuna.com crew catching a beauty of a tuna, and moving into first place, he is none too happy about anything.

The Bounty Hunter caught its first of the season to get them on the board, but did it at the expense of the Dot Com.

Carraro believes that 183 lb. tuna was rightly his since it was caught in the same place as the Dot Com used the prior day.

Viewers learned about the captains' favorite fishing locations called their "spots" in the episode entitled, "The Numbers War".

The spots are represented by numbers for their coordinates in the body of water.

We heard a lot of talk about "my numbers" and "my spot", but while some captains were scrupulous about being fair with their competitors, others ignored the ethics when their backs were to the wall.

That was the excuse used by the Bounty Hunter and Capt. Billy Monte.

Monte and his first mate Scott Ferreiro are grizzled veterans of the tuna fishing scene in Gloucester and three episodes into the Wicked Tuna season, they were still looking for their season's first catch.

They also know how to survive when the fish aren't biting by accepting money for charter trips, but nothing seemed to help.

Their charter day resulted in three catches, all of which had to be turned back to sea due to their small size.

Then, Scott lost a "monstah" after a long and arduous catch sequence and Capt. Monte was contemplating shutting down his whole operation.

When they spied Dave Carraro at his favorite spot, hauling in a $6,000 payday they decided to stop playing Mr. Nice Guy.

Getting up earlier than Carraro, Billy and Scott high-tailed it out to the Dot Com's favorite spot and plopped themselves there for the day.

It's survival of the fittest in the animal and fish worlds and sometimes humans engage in that as well.

With Carraro watching, the Bounty Hunter hit pay dirt and cruised home with certain money in their pockets.

Will the crew of the Odysea follow suit next week?

Captain Ralph Wilkins used righteous indignation when he believed that Carraro had crossed him up and used the Odysea's numbers.

There was a bleeped-out screaming match between the two captains across a stretch of Ipswich Bay, as Wilkins came up empty again.

Check out the new leaderboard at the show's website and watch video of scenes from last night's episode.

Nat Geo Channel airs new episodes of Wicked Tuna each Sunday night at 9:00 p.m. ET Image: Nat Geo/Wicked Tuna

Here are some clips from the captains who duked it out on last night's episode.

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