Wicked Tuna season 2, can Dave Carraro triumph again?

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Nat Geo Channel's Wicked Tuna returns on Sunday January 13, 2013 and there's a new guy in town to shake things up a bit.

The second season of Wicked Tuna is being touted by National Geographic Channel with this promo: "New Blood. New Battles New Season."

The program centers on a group of spirited fishermen from Gloucester, Mass. who fight the elements, U.S. fishing regulations and each other to make a living in a legally shortened 14 week season.

In that time, the captains try to make enough for the whole year and things can get pretty rough.

You can tell the stakes are higher, even for Captain Dave Carraro who managed to come out on top during season one in the FV-Tuna.com.

At a media party near Los Angeles this week, Carraro hinted at bigger and better things to come as he and the other captains have to contend with newcomer Tyler McLaughlin and the Pin Wheel.

Carraro played the role of the "villain" in the Nat Geo reality show, but in person he's anything but that. His ruddy cheeks hint at a life spent out in the elements which can bring a fisherman everything from travail to success.

As he said, “My colleagues at sea don’t always agree with my methods, but I’ll do whatever it takes to stay on top.”

Speaking of travail, Captain Dave Marciano experienced more than his share after season one concluded.

His FV-Hard Merchandise sank prior to Christmas while docked at the Gloucester Marine Railways.

Reported by the Gloucester Times, Marciano said, “When I got there, all I saw was the antenna sticking out of the water — and that’s not a good feeling. Crews found a break in a thru-hull fitting that caused the 36-foot fiberglass boat to fill up with water and sink."

As he noted, he was lucky to have had it occur when he wasn't at sea.

In addition to its insider look at one of America’s oldest industries, Nat Geo Channel's Wicked Tuna also sheds light on important issues surrounding the fate of the bluefin tuna.

In a press release, Nat Geo teased some of the plot lines for this season 2.

The arrival of the Pin Wheel only exacerbates the pressure as Captain Tyler and his crew quickly make enemies of the Gloucester fleet. Tensions come to a head after the young crew messes with the biggest hothead in the fleet, Captain Ralph Wilkins of the Odysea, and their rivalry spills over onto the docks.

For Kevin Leonowert, captain of the Christina, there’s nothing better than the rush of harpooning. It’s a high-octane chase where boats specially rigged with a high tower and a bow pulpit can identify schools of bluefin, take aim and nab the tuna of their choice.

The season 2 premiere of National Geographic Channel's Wicked Tuna will air on Sunday January 13 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT Image: Nat Geo Channel/Wicked Tuna/Dave Marciano

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