Will Anthony Weiner go to Tiger's rehab to seek treatment?

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After Rep. Anthony Weiner's announcement that he is seeking treatment to deal with his issues, there was speculation about where he might go.

The official statement from Congressman Weiner's office read in part:

"Congressman Weiner departed this morning to seek professional treatment to focus on becoming a better husband and healthier person.'' Weiner was spotted on the streets of N.Y. near his home, doing Saturday chores and as one CNN reporter said, "...the type of things one does prior to going away." CNN caught him dropping off laundry at the dry cleaners and taking money out of an ATM.

Pelosi to Weiner: resign and get help

There are two questions on the table at the moment. 1) Will his decision to take a temporary leave from his job and seek help, mollify Nancy Pelosi and other top Democrats who pressured him to resign? 2) Where will he go to enter treatment?

Neither question can be answered at this juncture but it's a good bet that media and paparazzi will find Rep. Weiner before he returns to his home in New York. That is when the second question will be answered.

It's sad to say that the Congressman will not be left alone to deal with his bad habit of taking photos of himself in various states of undress, to send to people that follow him on Facebook and Twitter. We already know that the last time someone in the public eye was revealed as being obsessed with sex, albeit it the physical kind, it took a while to find him, but find him we did.

Tiger Woods sought treatment after his private life was exposed to the public. Woods made cheating on his wife into an art form by entertaining his partners at plush VIP rooms in nightclubs in Las Vegas and other cities around the country. He also reportedly flew them to five star hotels outside the U.S. to enjoy their company while he competed in various golf tournaments.

Woods entered a treatment center that was ultimately found and identified as Gentle Path, a sex addiction program at Pine Grove, a private facility treatment in Hattiesburg, Mississippi.

The National Enquirer shot the exclusive photo of Tiger Woods, hooded sweatshirt on, holding a Styrofoam cup as he walked down a flight of stairs on the grounds of the facility. Gentle Path has a sexual addiction program created by Dr. Patrick Carnes, who has pioneered treatment for sexually compulsive behavior. Tiger reportedly spent six weeks in the program, commencing on December 30, 2009.

Time magazine interviewed a professional in the field at the time it was learned where Woods had gone. Benoit Denizet-Lewis, author of "America Anonymous: Eight Addicts in Search of a Life," told Time that the way to know you have a problem that requires treatment is to examine, " How your behavior has made your life unmanageable. That's really the question. That often differentiates a sex addict from a non-sex addict."

Congressman Anthony Weiner now gets some time away from the Washington and New York media hordes, only to learn how it feels to be hunted wherever you go. We may not have heard the last of the stories from women who were the recipients of Weiner's salacious emails and messages, but we won't have Anthony Weiner to answer for himself, at least for 4-6 weeks.

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